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Example Sentences for "sue"

Some lady in the UShe was hit by a drunk driver, and seriously injured, so she sued the guy for over $25,000.

Some lady in the U.S. sued MacDonald's for thousands of dollars after she burnt herself with her coffee because she said their coffee was too hot.

The brakes on their new car failed while they were driving it, and they were in a serious accident, so they are suing the company that made it for over $1 million.

She sued her husband for divorce after discovering that he was having an affair with her best friend.

The doctor was sued by a patient who almost died after she was prescribed the wrong kind of medicine.

Actress Kim Basinger was sued by a movie company after she broke a contract to star in their movie.

The politician sued the newspaper after it printed an article which accused him of lying to the public.

Richard was sued by a neighbor after he hit her while backing out of his driveway.

A number of people in Canada are suing the government for experimenting on them with drugs while they were patients in a mental hospital about 40 years ago.

Thousands of woman in this country have filed a suit against a company which manufactures breast implants, after suffering health problems caused by leaks from the implants.

The school was sued by the parents of a young girl who was seriously injured in gym class when a piece of equipment broke while she was using it.

She threatened to sue her neighbor if he ever touched her son, after the neighbor said he would spank the boy for stealing apples from his tree.

In 1990, it was reported that two ex-members of the Swedish rock group Abba were suing their record company for cheating them out of a portion of their royalties.

In December of 1970, Paul McCartney sued the other three Beatles to dissolve their partnership, and gain control of his financial interests.

Fred Allen once joked, I learned law so well, the day I graduated I sued the college, and got my tuition fees back.
- - Officials believe that at least a thousand people were killed in the earthquake, but the actual number is not known.

- - The salesman told me the car would cost $5,000, but the actual cost with tax was $5,700. I thought he had been killed, but actually, as I learned later, he survived.

-The film "Schindler's List" ended with a sequence showing actual survivors of the Nazi concentration camps.

-The difference between the original estimate and the actual cost was about 4%.

-The lecture this morning was so boring that a number of people actually fell asleep.

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