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Example Sentences for "swerve"

The driver swerved to avoid hitting a child that ran out after her ballThey almost hit a dog while driving home this afternoon, but were able to swerve out of the way at the last minute.

The driver swerved to avoid hitting a child that ran out after her ball.

The car swerved to avoid a collision.

The car was driving down the highway when the driver suddenly swerved off the road, and into the trees.

Mary Webb once remarked that if you stop to be kind, you must swerve often from your path.

We went skating, and there was this little kid racing about, swerving around everyone. He was just incredible.

The taxi changed lanes without warning, causing another driver to swerve to avoid being sideswiped.

The President stately clearly that the country would not swerve from its objective of bringing democracy to the region.

I would like to thank my wife and my family for their unswerving support during these difficult times.

The small plane had to swerve to avoid hitting a flock of geese.

The car swerved around a dog lying in the middle of the street and almost hit another car coming from the opposite direction.

The honey bee swerved at the last second to avoid hitting the windshield of the oncoming car.

The car swerved to avoid the squirrel running across the road.

Nelson Mandela never swerved in his determination to build a just society in South Africa.

I was driving my car when a cat ran in front of me, so I was forced to swerve.

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