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He swung his bat at the ball, but missedA little girl was hurt at the playground when she jumped off the swing, and twisted her ankle.

He swung his bat at the ball, but missed.

My golf swing has really improved since I began taking lessons.

The voting in that area tends to swing between the Liberal Party and the Conservatives.

The dead man was swinging from the end of a rope, hanging from the old apple tree.

Somebody took a swing at him at the bar, and soon everyone was fighting.

He swung her across the dance floor.

My dad tied a rope to the tree so we can swing out over the lake and let go.

The opinions of my opponent in this election seem to swing back and forth every day.

The nightclub was really swinging by the time we got there.

Some guy at the bar took a swing at my boyfriend just because he wouldn't give him a cigarette.

The door swung open and the children ran in.

A swing of two or three percent in this election is all that is needed to unseat the governor.

If he's really interested in working for us, I'll see if I can swing an interview for him with my boss.

I think I can swing a good deal for you if you decide you want this car.

The children were sitting on the edge of the dock with their legs swinging over the water.

Her mood swung from happiness to depression and back again during the first few days after her baby was born.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that the right to swing one's fist ends where the other man's nose begins.

There is a Malagasy proverb which states that you should not treat your loved one like a swinging door that you are fond of, but which you push back and forth.

The nightclub was really swinging, and everyone was dancing.

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