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A white dove is symbolic of peace and goodwill between nationsThe symbol of the Olympic games is recognized throughout the world.

A white dove is symbolic of peace and goodwill between nations.

Pb is the chemical symbol for lead.

I read somewhere that most North Americans can only recognize about a hundred different plants, but can easily identify thousands of commercial symbols from advertising.

Nelson Mandela has become the symbol of a new era in South African politics.

William Safire once said that no one flower can symbolize America because that nation is a bouquet.

In Korea, the deer is a symbol of long life, and is often portrayed in the company of immortals.

The cat was the symbol of liberty in ancient Rome.

Fifty years after his death, Albert Einstein's long white hair and big, white mustache still symbolize genius.

The Olympic symbol is made up of five interlocking rings, standing for the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North America.

The city of Istanbul symbolizes the two faces of Turkey, one turned towards Europe, and the other towards Asia.

The bald eagle was officially adopted as the U.S. national symbol on June 20, 1782.

All the animals that symbolize Africa can be found in Kenya.

Sigmund Freud believed dreams to be symbolic of any number of things buried deep within our minds and our memories.

During the Chinese New Year, gifts bring special symbolic wishes for the coming year.

The Presidents of the two countries symbolically released a pair of doves to illustrate their commitment to the peace process.

The red on the country's flag symbolizes the blood of those who died defending the nation.

The students discussed the various forms of symbolism found in the poem.

Sociologists view culture as shared symbols and their prevailing meanings within a given social group.

Discussion question: What is the most common symbol of your country, and what does it represent for you?

Find someone who knows the symbol for the Olympic Games.

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