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made a tactical nuclear strike against the Soviet Union in their war games exercisesThe coach will need to change his team's tactics if they hope to win the next game.

The U.S. made a tactical nuclear strike against the Soviet Union in their war games exercises.

The guerrilla tactics of the North Vietnamese were successful in defeating the superior military strength of the U.S.

Lara figured that if she ignored the man who was bothering her at the nightclub, he would eventually give up and leave her alone, and the tactic worked.

People in Quebec are known for voting tactically for the candidate that they expect to win the election.

The student was using delaying tactics to avoid having to give his class presentation.

One successful tactic of advertising is to use celebrity endorsements.

Frank Muir once said that strategy is buying a bottle of fine wine when you take a lady out for dinner. Tactics is getting her to drink it.

The coach has called a meeting with the players to discuss tactics for today's game.

The guerrillas' tactic has been to make quick, sudden attacks on government installations, and then disappear from the region entirely.

Wolves use quite sophisticated tactics in hunting down large animals, such as moose or caribou.

Studies show that riots emerge mainly in those cities where disorderly tactics can work - where riots stand a chance of getting results other than all-out repression.

Their sales tactics are quite aggressive, and can really turn people off.

The public has reacted quite negatively to the childish tactics of the Opposition.

During the war in Bosnia, Muslim women were being raped as a deliberate tactic to humiliate and traumatize them.

The Kurdistan Workers' Party has been accused of using terrorist tactics in its attempts to gain independence from Turkey.

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