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Cigarette companies are targeting Asian women in an attempt to increase sales in the Far EastHe aimed at the target, and fired his gun.

Cigarette companies are targeting Asian women in an attempt to increase sales in the Far East.

This fashion magazine targets teenage girls.

It may be difficult to reach our financial target this year due to a downturn in the economy.

The NATO missiles in Kosovo targeted military installations.

The terrorists had targeted the government building for a suicide attack.

The submarine base in Washington State is a major target for a nuclear attack in the case of a world war.

He threw the dart at the target, and got a bulls-eye on the first try.

There is a Berber proverb which observes that he who wants to hurt, never misses his target.

Ashleigh Brilliant once said that to be sure of hitting the target, shoot first, and call whatever you hit the target.

The hijacked airliner that hit the Pentagon was apparently originally targeting the White House.

Young men with money in China are the new target market for our products.

Studies show that almost half of those surveyed believe that tobacco companies deliberately target children and teens in their marketing.

The country of Wales was long a target for invaders from Rome, Normandy, and England.

There is presently a civil war in Burundi, and civilians, the Burundi military and government officials are being targeted.

In September of 1983, the Soviet Union admitted shooting down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 but said their pilots were not aware that their target was a civilian aircraft.

I'm confident that we'll be able to reach our sales target without difficulty.

Random sampling ensures that everyone in a target population has the same likelihood of being chosen for a survey.

The vulnerability of children makes them frequent targets of human rights violations.

Discussion question: Should cigarette producers be permitted to target teenagers in their advertising?

Find someone who has fired a gun at a target.

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