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Don't tease your little sister about her new haircut; you'll only make her cryThe children teased the boy because of his stutter.

Don't tease your little sister about her new haircut; you'll only make her cry.

The boys teased the young girl about her developing breasts until she punched one kid in the nose.

If you tease the dog, he might bite you.

The best way to handle a teaser at school is simply to ignore him until he loses interest.

Now that my daughter is taller than me she loves to tease me about my height.

The children were teasing the cat, pulling its tail, and trying to make it hiss at them.

There is an Iranian proverb which notes that when the snake is old, the frog will tease him.

Tina always teases me that she doesn't like my cooking, but I know she's just kidding.

The new secretary is such a tease! She ran her fingers through my hair and told me to give her a call some time.

He began working out in the gym after being teased about his weight by the other boys.

Jimmy teased his little sister about wetting the bed until she began to cry.

She teased her hair with a comb to make it look fuller.

The little boy was teasing the elephant by showing it bananas, and then pulling them away, when the animal whacked him with its trunk.

Find someone who likes to tease others.

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