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Somebody told me that the technology used to make a musical greeting card is more sophisticated than that used in cars of 20 years agoDo you think that our world will eventually be destroyed by pollution or do you think that technology will be able to save us?

The speed of technological change is so great in some jobs now that employees are obliged to continually study, and upgrade their skills.

Somebody told me that the technology used to make a musical greeting card is more sophisticated than that used in cars of 20 years ago.

Young people need to have good computer skills these days if they want to get a job in the new hi-tech industries which are opening up.

John Tudor once remarked that technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything except technology.

A number of Muslim countries are now using satellite technology to assist in moon sightings, used to determine Islamic holidays.

The discoveries of Albert Einstein began a technological revolution that has generated more change in a century than in the previous two thousand years.

Technological developments such as the development of the steam engine laid the foundation for the Industrial Revolution.

New laser technology has allowed many people with vision problems to see clearly once again.

Some people suggest that some day technology may actually replace the classroom teacher, but I don't think that will ever happen because I believe people like to learn from another human being, at least for part of the time.

Freeman Dyson once said that technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.

The aborigines of Australia had an elaborate ritual life, supported by the world's simplest known material technologies.

New technology has made violent video games increasingly realistic.

Without using precision instruments, a Greek mathematician measured the radius of earth in the third century B.C., and came within 1 percent of the value determined by today's sophisticated technology.

After independence, many foreign healthcare specialists arrived in Lithuania to train doctors and nurses in the latest medical technologies.

Much of the modern technology used today in wristwatches was developed in Switzerland.

In 1980, China established four special economic zones in order to attract foreign investors, technology, and expertise.

Although still a largely agricultural country, Costa Rica has expanded its economy to include strong technology and tourism sectors.

Computer technology is becoming an increasingly essential part of the modern learning process.

Japan is presently more technologically advanced than China, but China is catching up quickly.

In World War One, hand to hand combat was replaced by technological weaponry which did not require enemy soldiers to come face to face.

Technological progress and our standard of living are intimately related to energy consumption.

Discussion question: Do you think technology can save the world from environmental destruction?

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