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Our sense of touch allows us to acquire information about the weight, shape, firmness and texture of objects in our environmentThe texture of a snake's skin is surprisingly dry and smooth.

Our sense of touch allows us to acquire information about the weight, shape, firmness and texture of objects in our environment.

Frogs have excellent camouflage, using both color and texture to blend with their surroundings.

The garden is gloriously designed with a stunning variety of flowers and shrubs of different colors, shapes and textures.

Honey is used in many cough syrups because its smooth, thick texture soothes throats.

Celeste often likes to wear fabrics with soft or silky textures.

Octopus is a popular dish in many countries, despite having what many North Americans consider to be a rubbery texture.

Until the late 1800s, artists largely only created illusions of texture in their paintings.

When we see something, we recognize its texture from our past experience of similar objects.

We can experience the texture of an object by touching or feeling it.

The texture of the human brain is much like tofu.

I don't like to eat Japanese natto because the texture totally grosses me out.

We bought this super-cheap toilet paper, and discovered the stuff had the texture of sandpaper.

The gloves have a textured palm which allows you to keep a firm grip on your tools.

The restaurant serves veggie 'chicken' balls made of textured soy protein.

The tofu I use for stir-fries has a bit firmer texture than the tofu I use to make desserts.

Canvas became popular as a painting surface when artists discovered that the woven texture of canvas held paint better than wood did.

The portraits of Hans Holbein show a taste for elaborately detailed surface textures and richly colorful patterns.

Hair texture is one of the criteria used for racial classification.

The ceiling is textured, so it's going to be harder to repaint than a smooth wall.

Her writing has a rich, earthy texture which is very accessible.

Jesse Jackson once remarked that America is not like a blanket - one piece of unbroken cloth, the same color, the same texture, the same size.

Vladimir Nabokov once stated that the verbal poetical texture of Shakespeare is the greatest the world has known.

Discussion question: Why do women often seem to choose clothing with a soft, silky texture, whereas men seem to choose rougher textures?

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