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Example Sentences for "tidy"

Her house is always tidy, but her car is an absolute messYou children need to tidy your rooms before going out.

Her house is always tidy, but her car is an absolute mess.

All the CDs are arranged tidily on the shelf in alphabetical order.

My husband is so tidy that it drives me crazy. He gets upset if any little thing is out of place.

Children here are taught tidiness in their appearance during their first year of school.

The tidiness of his office contrasted with the messiness of his house.

They made a tidy profit on their house when they sold it.

We made a tidy little profit on the sale of our business.

My room may look tidy but I tell you, my life is a total mess.

She tidily arranged the papers on her desk before leaving for the day.

Tidiness is really important to my roommate, but I don't mind if our apartment gets a little out of order from time to time.

My nephew made a tidy sum of money selling magazines door to door during the summer.

She quickly tidied up the breakfast dishes before leaving for work.

John Galsworthy once observed that the beginnings and endings of all human undertakings are untidy.

Find someone who needs to tidy his/her room.

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