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This latest scandal may topple the governmentMany of the old buildings in the city center toppled during the earthquake.

This latest scandal may topple the government.

After finishing his tenth drink, the drunk slowly toppled over.

A number of old dead trees toppled over in the high winds and heavy rain.

The dictatorship was finally toppled by the guerrillas after a 10-year battle.

He spent an hour working on building a house of cards, and then it toppled over when he sneezed.

He was washing dishes, and suddenly the stack of plates toppled over.

When my kids were little, they loved to build towers of blocks higher and higher until they finally toppled over.

In April of 1960, a student uprising toppled the authoritarian government of South Korea.

The government was toppled by a rebellion in May 1997.

A peaceful revolution in East Germany in 1989 succeeded in toppling the Berlin Wall, leading to reunification with West Germany just under a year later.

In the Bible, trumpet blasts and shouting toppled the walls of the city of Jericho.

On December 31, 1900, winds on England's Salisbury Plain were so strong that they toppled one of the great stones at Stonehenge.

In 225 B.C., a strong earthquake toppled the statue known as the Colossus of Rhodes.

There is a Chinese proverb which suggests that people burn incense before the god, and then topple him.

Bob Marley stated in one of his songs that until the corrupt regimes on the African continent are toppled, the people there will not know peace.

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