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The concert was transmitted by satellite to over 100 different countriesOne way that AIDS is transmitted is through unprotected sex.

The concert was transmitted by satellite to over 100 different countries.

It is not true that mosquitoes can transmit AIDS to people.

Cold germs can be transmitted by shaking hands after touching your nose or mouth.

The transmission of computer data along phone lines has been greatly improved by the use of fiber-optics.

The transmission of certain sexually-transmitted diseases can be greatly reduced through the use of condoms.

His car has a five-speed transmission.

Tolstoy once said that art is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.

Someone once suggested that life is a sexually-transmitted terminal condition.

Islam is a revealed religion, transmitted directly by Allah to his messenger, the Prophet Muhammad.

Dog bites rank second behind sexually transmitted diseases as the most costly health problem in the United States.

Scientists tell us that kissing rarely transmits colds because the cold viruses do not live comfortably in the mouth.

Teachers act as the major vehicle for transmitting the school curriculum and associated values to children.

Television is a major transmitter of culture and information in modern society.

About 80% of adult HIV infections worldwide are transmitted through unprotected sex.

Three children in India die from water-transmitted diseases every minute.

In Somalia, television broadcasts are only transmitted for 2 to 3 hours per day.

Unlike men, the women of the Bahamas cannot transmit Bahamian citizenship to their foreign-born spouses.

In 1996, the British government admitted for the first time that mad cow disease could be transmitted to humans.

The British Broadcasting Corporation began transmitting overseas in December of 1932.

Sathya Sai Baba once remarked that when heart speaks to heart, it is love that is transmitted.

Buddhists believe that the true realization of the mind is only possible when transmitted from the heart of the teacher to the heart of the student.

Genes are a means of transmitting characteristics from one generation to the next, thereby continuing the species.

Humans use language to transmit thoughts, feelings and needs to others.

Medical experts warn that the only effective method of controlling widespread HIV transmission is to prevent risk-taking behavior.

Neurons are individual cells in the nervous system which receive, transmit and integrate information.

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