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He enjoys reading journals which discuss new trends in language teachingThere is a new trend towards miniskirts this year.

He enjoys reading journals which discuss new trends in language teaching.

The trend to use e-mail for both personal and professional communication is becoming more and more global.

Fashion trends have an incredible impact on society.

The current trend in the workforce is towards more part-time employment.

The rise in violent crime is a disturbing trend in modern society.

Sunglasses have remained a trendy fashion accessory for the last fifty years.

Roddy Doyle once said that there's a big trend in Hollywood of taking very good European films, and turning them into very bad American films.

The most popular food choice among U.S. restaurant patrons in 1995 was hamburgers, despite trends to cut back on beef consumption.

Yorkville used to be a working class neighborhood, but nowadays it is a trendy shopping area.

Economic trends have an especially severe impact on adolescents who are trying to become independent.

Pitirim Sorokin discovered a pattern of apparently trendless fluctuation in the amount of inequality in societies throughout history.

In the Czech Republic, there has been a growing trend to buy and restore the beautiful farms and old village houses of the countryside.

Scientists say that since 1970 there has been a marked trend in the rise of global temperatures, due to global warming.

Social and political trends in the tiny nation of San Marino closely follow those of Italy, its larger neighbor.

Although tattoos and piercings seem trendy nowadays, they have actually been around since ancient times, and are practiced in many cultures.

The trend towards people maturing earlier than in past generations is largely due to an improvement in nutrition, living conditions and medical care.

Discussion question: How do you feel about the new fashion trends of tattoos and body-piercing?

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