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Large price increases could trigger demands for even larger wage increasesThe tsunami was triggered by an earthquake at sea.

Large price increases could trigger demands for even larger wage increases.

The assassination of the King triggered a war between the two countries.

The loss of the World Cup game triggered a wave of rioting by rival groups of fans.

Police are unsure as to who exactly pulled the trigger in the murder case.

His unpleasant remark triggered an argument that almost cost them their friendship.

Suddenly darting into the middle of the street could trigger a whole series of events.

The young boy pulled the trigger, and the gun went off.

The avalanche was apparently triggered by an out-of-bounds skier.

If you apply pressure to this trigger point on the shoulder blade, it will help to release tension in the shoulders and neck.

The fight in the high school was apparently triggered by an incident in which one boy insulted another boy's girlfriend.

Collisions between galaxies trigger star formation and drive the galaxies to consume their gas and dust, creating new stars.

Research has shown that sex, angry outbursts, and strenuous tennis are among the triggers identified as responsible for 17 percent of all heart attacks.

Studies show that lack of water is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue for Americans.

The traffic accident was triggered by a cat that ran into the road in front of a car.

They have to keep their daughter away from cats because she is allergic to them, and their fur can trigger an attack of asthma.

In May of 1977, the United States, the Soviet Union and 29 other nations banned the use of artificial weather as a weapon of war, promising never to attack each other by triggering storms, earthquakes or tidal waves.

The policeman held his finger on the trigger of his gun as he approached the house.

Find someone who has pulled the trigger of a gun.

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