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Example Sentences for "tunnel"

A rabbit tunneled under the fence, and ate all the lettuce in our gardenThe prisoners dug a tunnel under the fence in order to escape from the penitentiary.

A rabbit tunneled under the fence, and ate all the lettuce in our garden.

For reasons of safety, please remove your sunglasses when driving through the tunnel.

There is now a tunnel under the ocean going from England to France.

Princess Diana died when the car she was in crashed in a tunnel in France.

Wasps often tunnel into ripe plums while they are still on the tree to get at the sweet juices.

The thieves had to tunnel through a ten-foot cement and steel wall to get to the money.

An animal called a mole can dig a tunnel 100 yards long in just one night.

The children dug a tunnel though the snow, and played in it for hours.

There was a terrible accident involving a number of cars and trucks in a tunnel through a mountain in Switzerland recently.

You should turn on your headlights, and remove your sunglasses when driving through a tunnel.

An English workman once found an unused tunnel leading directly into the vaults of the Bank of England.

In March of 1944, the greatest mass escape from a Second World War prisoner-of-war camp occurred when 76 allied airmen tunneled out. Only 3 made it home.

In 1957, the United States set off its first underground nuclear test in a mountain tunnel in the remote desert 100 miles from Las Vegas.

As worms tunnel through the earth, they help to introduce water and air into the soil.

Find someone who has driven through a tunnel.

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