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Every animal and plant is uniquely adapted to the environment in which it is found living naturallyThe platypus is a unique animal; a mammal which lays eggs, and has a duckbill and a beaver tail.

Every animal and plant is uniquely adapted to the environment in which it is found living naturally.

Apart from one or two exceptions, marsupials are unique to Australia.

Her impressive skills, excellent education, and vast experience make her uniquely suited to the job.

Touring the small villages of Vietnam by bicycle was a unique experience.

Many of the different aboriginal groups in North America speak their own unique language.

Arthur Schnabel once said that the sonatas of Mozart are unique; they are too easy for children, and too difficult for artists.

Every person's fingerprint is unique.

Biologists are able to tell killer whales apart because each animal has a unique characteristic, such as the size or shape of a fin, or the pattern of spots on the back.

Tongue prints are as unique as fingerprints.

Salmon are a unique fish, in that they spend their lives in both fresh and salt water.

The meanings of unique symbols, rituals, and institutions can be difficult to explain to different cultures.

Australia has long been famous for its unique plants and animals.

The uniquely Argentinean theme of gaucho life has inspired literature, painting and music in that country.

The Vatican's unique, noncommercial economy is supported financially by contributions from Roman Catholics throughout the world, the sale of postage stamps and tourist souvenirs, fees for admission to museums, and the sale of publications.

In every culture fashion plays an important role, from defining wealth and status to allowing individuals to express their unique style.

The music of Cape Verde combines elements of Portuguese, African and Brazilian styles to create an entirely unique art form.

Although each individual is unique, members of the same species share certain obvious common features.

Sophie's artwork is noteworthy for its uniqueness and creativity. She really has a style all her own.

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