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The little girl was pleased to discover that her smallpox vaccination hardly hurt at allScientists say an AIDS vaccine may be ready within the next few years.

The little girl was pleased to discover that her smallpox vaccination hardly hurt at all.

Polio vaccines were given in a sugar cube when I was little.

You'll need to get a few vaccinations before travelling to that part of the world.

Some parents refused to allow vaccinations for their children, fearing negative side-effects.

Many old people nowadays choose to get vaccinated against the flu.

Any pets living in the building must have their vaccinations up to date.

The children nervously lined up in the hall to receive their vaccinations.

Animal testing has helped to develop vaccines against many serious diseases.

A new report suggests that a vaccine that offers at least partial protection against HIV could be available within a decade.

The vaccine is currently being tested on monkeys, with promising results.

An effective vaccine is the only way to stop the AIDS epidemic, which threatens to kill more than 68 million people between 2000 and 2020.

In 1798, Edward Jenner proved that people could be vaccinated against infectious diseases.

Edward Olmos observed that education is the vaccine for violence.

Vaccines are prepared using weak or dead germs of certain diseases.

Millions of children throughout the world have not been immunized simply because vaccines were unavailable.

Vaccination is presently the most effective form of treatment for the flu.

Find someone who has had a vaccination.

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