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You must have a valid reason if you want to reschedule your testYour bus pass is only valid until Saturday.

You must have a valid reason if you want to reschedule your test.

International observers question the validity of the election, given widespread accusations of election fraud.

My parking pass is only valid for another week.

You can't use the recreational facilities unless you have a valid sticker on your student card.

If you get your ticket validated by someone in a store where you have shopped, you can park for free.

I have yet to hear a really valid argument against the seatbelt law.

A sound knowledge of how research should be conducted leads to more valid results.

Your visitor's visa is valid for three months only.

Economist Milton Friedman once suggested that the only relevant test of the validity of a hypothesis is comparison of prediction with experience.

Your athletics pass is only valid for a few more days, so you should take advantage of it.

There are few valid reasons for not having your child immunized against disease.

All drivers must ensure that their vehicles have a valid and current license plate, and enough insurance.

In Burma, a couple need only live and eat together to become married, and the marriage is valid if the neighbors recognize it as such.

In March of 1990, the Soviet government ruled that Lithuania's declaration of independence was invalid, and that Soviet law was still in force in the Baltic republic.

According to independent vote monitors, Serbia's first presidential elections since Slobodan Milosevic's removal from power were considered invalid because of low turnout.

Your Eurail pass is not valid in the United Kingdom.

A valid passport is the only legal form of I.D. which is accepted around the world.

Psychologists say that we like others who share our beliefs and attitudes because they validate these values, which further convinces us that our values are the best ones.

Improper controls during the testing procedure invalidated the results of the experiment.

Sharing your bus pass with someone else may invalidate it.

Find someone who has a valid driver's license for this country.

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