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We couldn't see the woman's face because it was hidden by a veil which only showed her eyesThe young man lifted his new wife's wedding veil and kissed her.

We couldn't see the woman's face because it was hidden by a veil which only showed her eyes.

In parts of Sudan, the interpretation of Islamic law dictates that females wear the veil starting at the age of five.

The Chancellor unveiled a commemorative plaque at the Berlin Wall today.

The veil worn by a bride originally symbolized the bride's virginity, innocence, and modesty, and can be traced back to ancient Roman times.

The government has unveiled plans for a new job creation program.

Beekeepers must wear a suit with a veil to protect their faces.

In some Muslim countries, women are expected to be veiled in public.

He has been making veiled threats against the employees to keep them from forming a union.

A veil of dust made the sun glow bright red.

A Chinese proverb states, If you want to go up in the world, veil ambition with the forms of humanity.

Helen Rowland once noted that a bride at her second marriage does not wear a veil because she wants to see what she is getting.

Zora Hurston once stated that happiness is nothing but everyday living seen through a veil.

Kin Hubbard once suggested that peace has its victories no less than war, but it doesn't have as many monuments to unveil.Superman was unveiled by his enemy, who declared that he was in fact, reporter Clark Kent.

The Statue of Liberty was unveiled in New York harbor in October of 1886.

Discussion question: In your opinion, does a veil make a woman more beautiful by making her more mysterious?Find someone who has seen a woman wearing a veil.

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