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It took the nurse a while to find a vein big enough to take a blood sample from the old womanThe veins in his hands are really thick and easy to see under the skin.

It took the nurse a while to find a vein big enough to take a blood sample from the old woman.

His books treat very serious subjects in a humorous vein.

They found a rich vein of gold running through the rock in the area.

The new discovery of a vein of high quality silver running through the rock here has generated a great deal of excitement in the mining industry.

The children put a piece of thin paper on the leaves, and then rubbed them with pencils, producing a clear image of each leaf, complete with veins.

The heroin addict was always trying to find a new, healthy vein to inject the drug into.

The second lecturer spoke in a similar vein to the first.

The wings of the insect are transparent so you can see all the veins running through them.

He had cut his arm quite badly so she put pressure on the vein to stop the bleeding.

Whenever he gets really stressed out, you can see a big vein sticking out on his forehead.

Thomas Carlyle once said that a vein of poetry exists in the hearts of all men.

To draw attention to their noble blood, women of the royal courts of Louis XVI drew blue veins on their necks and shoulders.

When I have a bad headache, I can feel the pressure in a vein at my temple.

The doctors injected some blue dye in a vein in his leg, so they could observe it as it made its way to his heart.

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