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The boss has vetoed our plans to expand the Research and Development Department, due to financial constraintsThe President has power of veto in the American political system.

The boss has vetoed our plans to expand the Research and Development Department, due to financial constraints.

The board has indicated it will veto the decision of the members.

European nations are expected to veto efforts by the Americans to wage war.

In the American system, Congress can override a presidential veto.

President Bush has warned that if the resolution to use force against Iraq is vetoed by the U.N. Security Council, the U.S. will take unilateral action against Saddam Hussein.

In 1911, the Parliament Act removed from the British House of Lords its absolute power of veto over legislation.

The program director vetoed the teachers' request for more professional development time.

Our teacher vetoed our idea of going rock-climbing as a class because she felt it was too dangerous.

As permanent members of the 15-member U.N. Security Council, Russia, France, China, the U.S. and Britain all have veto power over resolutions made by the organization.

Both Russia and China are expected to veto the U.N. resolution calling for the use of force against Iraq.

President Harrison has vowed to veto any legislation which endangers his government's attempts to balance the budget.

Charles De Gaulle originally vetoed Great Britain's application for acceptance into the European Economic Community.

The President has vowed to veto the legislation if passed.

Geoffrey Abert once stated, When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.

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