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Great Britain has immigrants from virtually every country in the worldMy daughter has a computer program with a virtual pet cat that she feeds and plays with.

Great Britain has immigrants from virtually every country in the world.

Children working in some parts of the developing world are virtual slaves who can never earn enough money to buy their freedom.

We are very careful about what we eat, and virtually all our food is organic.

It is virtually impossible to get tickets for the concert now; they were all sold out within hours.

A big shopping mall is a virtual heaven for my teenage daughter.

What a pig! You ate virtually the whole pizza!

Police maintain that virtually every panhandler on the streets has a drug or alcohol addiction.

Kobi Yamoda once observed that there comes a moment when you realize that virtually anything is possible; that nothing is too good to be true.

Religion has been present in virtually every society since the beginning of time.

Most vegetable, and virtually all fruit juices, contain tiny amounts of alcohol.

The province of Alberta has been virtually rat free since 1905.

The country of Nepal was virtually closed to the outside world for centuries.

There is little crime in the country of Liechtenstein, and unemployment is virtually non-existent.

Rice is the staple diet of virtually all the people of Gambia.

Virtually all U.S. households have at least one TV set, and three out of every four have multiple sets.

Henry had to fly the passenger jet virtually alone after the co-pilot became ill.

Henrietta flew a passenger jet virtually, using a cool software program she had just bought.

The Serengeti Plains of Tanzania were virtually uninhabited for hundreds of years.

Discussion question: What do you think virtual reality technology will be like ten years from now?

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