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She is studying the visual arts; painting, drawing, and that sort of thing at collegeAdult language students are generally visual learners; they like to see things written down.

She is studying the visual arts; painting, drawing, and that sort of thing at college.

Her brother is visually-impaired, and uses a white cane to get around.

If you use lots of visuals, like graphs and photos, it will really make your presentation more interesting.

The visuals of the lecture were fascinating, but the professor didn't explain them enough.

The boy visualized himself winning the school trophy, and walking up onto the stage to receive it.

The team's goaltender has been using visualization techniques where he sees himself stopping the ball, in order to get ready for each game.

It is very hard for children to visualize their mother and father having sex, and they often think that it is something their parents no longer do.

William Gilbert once noted that losers visualize the penalties of failure, whereas winners visualize the rewards of success.

Jack Youngblood once said, I visualize things in my mind before I have to do them. It is like having a mental workshop.

Alfred Montapert once remarked that to accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan, believe, and act!

Crocodiles and alligators sometimes communicate visually through body language.

The color combination with the strongest visual impact is black on yellow.

Edinburgh is a visually beautiful place, with many parks and gardens to take a leisurely stroll through.

The slow eastward motion of the sun is not easy to visualize because of the rotation of the Earth.

Elephants have a wide and varied language of visual signs and vocalizations.

Studies show that although both men and women are sexually aroused by explicit visual stimuli, women are much less likely to admit to their arousal.

He uses a number of visualization techniques to help deal with the pain of his cancer.

See yourself holding the first prize trophy in your hands. By visualizing winning, you will become a more confident player.

You have to visualise your body attacking the disease. If you can see it clearly in your head, you can make it happen.

My mother learned some visualisation techniques, such as imagining her tumors melting away, to help her in her fight against cancer.

Discussion question: Do you consider yourself a visual learner or an aural learner?

Discussion question: Do you ever practice visualization techniques? Do you believe they can be effective?

Find someone who considers him/herself to be a visual learner.

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