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Wages in the United States are much higher than in MexicoThe minimum wage is now over $8.00 an hour.

Wages in the United States are much higher than in Mexico.

As an experienced electrician, she earns a very good wage.

I hope to earn a good wage if I become fluent in English.

Newly unionized workers at MacBurger's have gone on strike in the hopes of raising their wages and improving their benefits.

She makes a very small wage working at a gift shop.

Ralph Nader has suggested that the increasing availability of jobs that pay a living wage contributes to lower rates in street crime.

There is a German proverb which states that laziness has poverty for wages.

There is a Jamaican proverb which observes that a good conscience is better than a big wage.

There is a Russian proverb which states, Make peace with people; wage war with your sins.

The United States has been waging war on drugs for years, but the problem only seems to have gotten worse.

In 1914, Ford Motor Company paid workers who were age 22 or older $5 per day, which was double the average wage offered by other car factories.

The Dalai Lama has said that waging war for the cause of freedom can sometimes be justified.

America's first minimum wage was 25 cents an hour, and was established in 1938.

Many people working on farms in Haiti earn a wage of about 60 cents a day.

The people of the Czech Republic pay 7.5% of their wage to health insurance companies for medical care.

Numerous studies worldwide show that for every year of schooling, wages for workers increase by about ten percent.

Discussion question: What do you think an acceptable minimum wage in this country should be?

Find someone who has earned the minimum wage.

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