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Example Sentences for "wind"

We couldn't go canoeing because of high windsThe wind blew the door shut with a loud bang.

We couldn't go canoeing because of high winds.

Windmills change wind power to energy which can be used for electricity.

There is no wind on the moon, so unless someone disturbs them, an astronaut's footprints will last forever!

Experts say that wind power could provide up to 12% of the Earth's electricity within 20 years.

The wind rushed through the trees, blowing the leaves off, and bending the branches.

The laundry flapped in the wind as it dried on the clothesline.

Because the banana stalk is not woody and is 93% water, even moderate winds can blow down a plant.

We tied down the sails because it was too windy to sail.

We held the birthday party outside, and it was so windy that it was difficult to light the candles on the cake.

The first time I jumped out of an airplane, it didn't feel like I was falling; it just felt really windy.

You're more likely to get stung by a bee on a windy day that in any other weather.

My girlfriend and I love to stroll down by the water on a windy day when the waves are crashing onto the beach.

The wind blew my hat off when I was standing on the deck on the ferry, and I lost it.

I forgot to wind my watch, so I didn't realize the time.

You'd better wind in the string on the kite a bit so that it doesn't get tangled up.

The road winds along the coast for about 20 miles.

We paddled down a little river that wound through the countryside.

The train we took wound its way across the country for about a week.

Make sure you wind that bandage tightly around your wrist so that it doesn't move.

He wound the electrical cord around the base of the microphone so that no one could trip over it.

When the exercise is finished recording, you can wind your tape back and listen to it again.

When the exercise is finished recording, you can rewind your tape and listen to it again.

The little girl wound up the music box, and then laughed with delight as the song played, and the little ballerina danced around in a circle.

An Afghan proverb notes that every tree feels the force of the wind.

An Indian proverb tell us that there are three uncertainties: woman, wind, and wealth.

An Italian proverb advises that one should learn to sail in all winds.

A Russian proverb observes that regretting the past is like chasing after the wind.

J. Willard Marriott once noted that the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.

Find someone who enjoys going for a walk on windy days.
- - Officials believe that at least a thousand people were killed in the earthquake, but the actual number is not known.

- - The salesman told me the car would cost $5,000, but the actual cost with tax was $5,700. I thought he had been killed, but actually, as I learned later, he survived.

-The film "Schindler's List" ended with a sequence showing actual survivors of the Nazi concentration camps.

-The difference between the original estimate and the actual cost was about 4%.

-The lecture this morning was so boring that a number of people actually fell asleep.

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