environmentally in a sentence

My wife and I buy only environmentally-friendly cleaning products for use in our home.

These so-called environmentally-friendly products still come in the same old indestructible plastic packaging.

This government has completely gutted the ministry which makes sure that industry is environmentally responsible in our province.

Today, most cacao, the principal ingredient in chocolate, is grown on conventional farms characterized by environmentally damaging pesticides, child labor, and poor working conditions.

Farmed oysters are actually the more environmentally friendly choice.

“Each of us can be an example to others who are not environmentally conscious.

It calls for an environmentally friendly diet lower in red and processed meats.

Beef, she said, is particularly notorious for being environmentally unfriendly.

Their products are environmentally friendly and not harmful and hypo-allergenic.

Salt formations are the cheapest, most environmentally safe way to store crude oil.

Beef ranks as the least healthy and least environmentally sound food on both charts.

If the devices can’t be salvaged, they dispose of them in an environmentally safe way.

Not only is the SpaceLiner concept incredibly fast, it’s also environmentally friendly.

The tiny house movement preaches smaller and often more environmentally-friendly homes.

Here are my top 10 tips for an environmentally-friendly yuletide: 1. Cook once, eat twice.

826381 They are the future generation, they’re environmentally conscious,”” Melanson said.”

I realized it was possible to run an environmentally focused car company in different ways, he says.

“Everyone is talking about the need to adopt environmentally friendly product development processes.

Furthermore, the production of acetylene is costly and environmentally problematic.