equal opportunity in a sentence

equal opportunity in a sentence

1) The need to develop equal opportunities policies.

2) What we should try is equal opportunity .

3) Equal opportunity does not necessarily ensure equal outcome.


equal opportunity example sentences

4) Partnerships should develop strategies for promoting equal opportunities .

5) Given consumer preferences, equal opportunity was bad business.

6) America is the land of equal opportunity .

7) The idea of equal opportunities is concerned with eliminating discrimination.

8) USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

9) Pressure for equal opportunities has encouraged its wider acceptance.

10) Well they both have equal opportunities policies .

11) This is to extend them equal opportunity .

12) Providers must also integrate services and equal opportunity .

13) I know equal opportunity was a massive lie.

14) The City is an equal opportunity employer.

15) ROC Industries is an equal opportunity employer.


use equal opportunity in a sentence

16) Transparency International is an equal opportunity employer.

17) Indiana University is an equal opportunity employer.

18) Cornell is an equal opportunity , affirmative action employer.

19) Qualifications All Local 19 training courses are equal opportunity programs.

20) The proposal is unacceptable given CA’s equal opportunities policy.

21) It gives equal opportunities for people to receive information.

22) Poverty is then seen as lack of equal opportunities .

23) Provide equal opportunity and fair treatment to all employees.

24) This ensures equal opportunities for all levels of disability.

25) University policy on equal opportunities shall apply to all admissions.

26) Regions and head office have their own equal opportunities action plan.

27) Computer Science has equal opportunities for both men and women alike.

28) This Company shall take specific affirmative actions to ensure equal opportunity .


How to use equal opportunity in a sentence

29) They also set national policies and guidelines on equal opportunity issues.

30) Clinton believes that income inequality is a barrier to equal opportunity .

31) Women in UK are denied equal opportunities in employment.

32) Greenpeace is striving to be an equal opportunities employer.

33) To think that there is equal opportunity is delusional.

34) Every American has the right to equal opportunities .

35) There should be equal opportunity for a null hypothesis.

36) This is the age of equal opportunity for collective guilt.

37) This is an equal opportunity show, people!

38) Equal opportunities demands a language which is not biased.

39) All are entitled to equal opportunities in the economic realm.

40) All players must have an equal opportunity to shoot.