error learning in a sentence

error learning in a sentence

1) This provides strong support for error learning in humans.

2) The task of ruling out trial and error learning is far more complicated.

3) Dr. Sam Sober explains the process of tutor song recognition and generation using error learning .

error learning example sentences

4) The Gw’oth continue to advance rapidly without need for trial and error learning .

5) After a period of trial and error learning , the young birds learn the syntax and perfect the dances.

6) Professional people management skills that you could spend years of trial and error learning , encapsulated here in simple, easy-to-apply systems.

7) At the moment, retractable cord pulling in our two elephants seems to have arisen through trial and error learning , not through insight.

8) Skills are acquired by a process of trial and error but the trials are not entirely random as is assumed in classical trial and error learning (Thorndike, 191 1).