false statement in a sentence

false statement in a sentence

1) The defendant had submitted multiple false statements .

2) He had alleged it contained many false statements .

3) Actually, that was a false statement .

false statement example sentences

4) Increased penalties for making knowingly false statements in connection with firearms.

5) Don’t make false statements as shown above!

6) Does a bank robbery conviction deal with dishonesty or false statement ?

7) This means that the false statement must have been made deliberately.

8) Terry Bowman with assault and making false statements .

9) All three also are charged with making a false statement .

10) Why not keep to reality and stop using false statements .

11) A metaphor is, literally, a false statement .

12) This is actually verifiably a completely false statement .

13) The main examples are through false statements or documents or withholding information.

14) This notion rests entirely upon false statements contained in Northern rebel journals.

15) On being a greenhouse gas emissions loser , another outright false statement .


example sentences with false statement

16) Similarly subsequent facts will not make a false statement true.

17) Even a false statement on a loan application can trigger forfeiture.

18) This is poor grammar, punctuation, and a false statement .

19) False statements as to residence and intention to reside.

20) That is falsifying records, false statements to the federal government?

21) Vick later discovered that Talbot’s résumé contained numerous false statements .

22) Might not the Being have made a false statement ?

23) Thus for example __FORMULA__ does not imply the false statement __FORMULA__.

24) One can not demonstrate the truth of a false statement .

25) But no man does so join unless he signs a false statement .

26) People with personality disorders also are more likely to make false statements .

27) So this statement by Siu is a false statement .

28) Knowingly make a false statement of law or fact.


How to use false statement in a sentence

29) This is completely a false statement .

30) A false statement evaluates to zero.

31) The script contained no false statements .

32) Goodson is charged with racketeering and false statements and writings .

33) The new guy was sued by the US for making false statements .

34) This is an absolutely false statement , typical strawman from the master.

35) This is just a false statement .

36) The party who has given the false statement suffers on drinking the water.

37) Slander : an injuriously false statement about a person 36.

38) Not one bit , just don’t like false statements being posted.

39) False statement Regarding Admission to the State Bar.

40) So you ought to retract that false statement you made of me.