feel worse in a sentence

feel worse in a sentence

1) I always feel worse about myself after every session.

2) Nothing makes you feel worse than bad hair.

3) Well that made me feel worse actually.

feel worse example sentences

4) No point in making Keith feel worse .

5) Oh did I mention that smells are making feel worse .

6) I could not feel worse right now!

7) No one has ever gotten healthier by feeling worse about themselves.

8) Whilst on holiday I always felt worse driving and moving around.

9) I am so sorry she made you feel worse .

10) No wonder therapy can make us feel worse .

11) She commented that the leak felt worse than being physically robbed.

12) I would have felt worse had they.

13) What makes them feel worse , or better?

14) In fact, I feel worse than ever!

15) They feel worse for sympathy yet are very empathetic people.


example sentences with feel worse

16) I honestly felt worse with a PM those first several weeks.

17) I would often times leave feeling worse than when I arrived.

18) I felt worse when I was on them.

19) Well since day 2 I have felt worse than ever!

20) Somehow, his attempt at humor made me feel worse .

21) Well not my luck, instead I feel worse .

22) Being with the nuns only made it feel worse .

23) They end up feeling worse than when they started.

24) It makes me feel worse and just do worse.

25) All her symptoms started to return and she felt worse .

26) Don’t tell me I’ll feel worse .

27) In fact, it will make them feel worse .

28) If you feel worse , it’s important to understand why.


How to use feel worse in a sentence

29) She rested on Friday, but got up feeling worse .

30) As the day progressed, I felt worse and worse.

31) Longer naps can actually make you feel worse .

32) People seemed to feel worse Thursday than they did Monday .

33) They feel worse when alone and want people around them.

34) I felt worse about being short with her after this .

35) The person may feel worse at night, with nightmares or insomnia.

36) All his comments are rude and try to make everyone feel worse .

37) Nothing makes you feel worse when something is taken away from you !

38) By 6 November, he felt worse than when he came.

39) Nothing can make me feel worse than I do.

40) As a result, we feel worse than on other days.