financial reform in a sentence

financial reform in a sentence

1) The next step was a contemplated financial reform .

2) Far reaching financial reforms were also introduced.

3) These financial reforms greatly improved the economy.

financial reform example sentences

4) That’s why he passed financial reform .

5) After taking control, Maximilian instituted immediate financial reform .

6) How are financial reforms driving China’s next era of growth?

7) Deeper financial reform is vital, too.

8) Legislation is under consideration by Congress as part of financial reform .

9) Financial reforms will also meet with opposition from those finance kings.

10) Several respondents reported concerns over financial reform legislation and other political uncertainties.

11) He talks about he doesn’t want to gut financial reform .

12) She also opposed the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill .

13) These financial reforms freed up money for organizing and other membership programs.

14) The Estates-General were convened in May 1789 to ratify financial reforms .

15) Singapore successfully implemented financial reform prior to Japan and other Asian countries.


example sentences with financial reform

16) The problems should have gone away when Congress passed financial reforms in 2010.

17) OK, Romney would repeal Obama’s healthcare and financial reform plans.

18) Finally, there’s financial reform .

19) USAA handled the effects of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill well.

20) Charles Louis made a number of administrative and financial reforms that were popular.

21) Hawkins’ financial reforms of the Navy upset many who had vested interests.

22) At the same time, Tianjin is actively developing financial reform and innovation.

23) This is the trade off we’re always presented with in financial reform .

24) Francis also imposed a series of new taxes and instituted several financial reforms .

25) Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis influenced Roosevelt on financial reforms .

26) He now felt emboldened enough to try and push through some financial reforms .

27) Currency and exchange rate reforms are an essential step to the financial reform process.

28) Scholars also question whether financial reform is only empty talk of the party leaders.


How to use financial reform in a sentence

29) I have been suggesting massive “start from scratch” financial reform for several years.

30) After India became independent in 1947 certain legal and financial reforms were instituted in Punjab.

31) And, of course, to embrace serious financial reform , not resist it.

32) His “Volker rule” is a key part of the post-crisis financial reforms .

33) Financial reform , well, it’s an afterthought when the market is open.

34) He also instituted major managerial and financial reforms and a new and variegated publications program.

35) A draft of President Barack Obama’s financial reform legislation has been sent to Congress.

36) WSJ’s report also mentions that, the CCP is currently planning for financial reform .

37) Fewer than half of the financial reforms articulated in the Dodd-Frank bill have been implemented.

38) China’s financial reform is a key topic at this year’s China Development forum.

39) The event is titled “Optimizing EU financial reforms for achieving resilience, growth and competitiveness.

40) Both Democrats and Republicans dislike being reminded of the shortcomings of the effort for financial reform .