flume in a sentence

A log flume ride was built called Voyage to Atlantis.

Gearing up for Flume, I help them snap selfies up front and toss beach balls into the melee.

Realizing this, Bobby throws Naymeer into the flume.

Wild Thornberrys log flume removed for a new attraction.

A fully enclosed flume left from the top of one of the towers, and emptied into the pool below.

Bring a picnic and relax at Arethusa or Franconia Falls or the spectacular Flume Gorge.

In 1905, the flume was extended to a point about 50 feet above Whisky Creek bar.

In 2009, the Log Flume was removed whilst the Polo Tower continues to remain in situ.

King Neptune’s Revenge Old-Style, Intamin -built, Log Flume ride.

Low water Boulter’s Weir flume * Works during – Only in Summer.

Measurement of filtration rates by infaunal bivalves in a recirculating flume.

Plot Bobby begins on the territory of Veelox, with Gunny, where they land in the dark room outside the Veelox flume.

Some flume experiments on large grains but little denser than the transporting fluid, and their implications.

The area was renamed Logger’s Run after the flume was added.

The Flume opened in 2004 after being rethemed from a traditional log flume ride.

The flume was the longest ever created, eventually stretching 73 miles from Hume Lake to Sanger.

The park added spinning rides as well as several roller coasters and a log flume ride starting in the 1960s and 1970s.

Until 1894, when the Fresno Flume was completed, all the lumber from the saw mills on Pine Ridge came through Tollhouse.

The Chico City Council has approved a two-pronged plan to remove meters and add spaces to Flume Street between 2nd and 7th Streets.

Janos’ partner on the project, Todd Pierce, tells KVAL News, “They’re swept back safely, down the flume and we collect them into the hopper.”