football player in a sentence

football player in a sentence

1) Researchers surveyed 120 high school football players .

2) An average football player usually scores around 20 points.

3) Both are popular high school football players .

football player example sentences


football player example sentences

4) My brother was a star football player .

5) This plays true for pro football players .

6) Almost every professional football player has an agent.

7) Those guys were still pretty damn good football players .

8) The immunity task was saving goals made by profession football players .

9) That boy is a great football player .

10) Pitt has retired 9 jerseys of former football players .

11) Football players are not “primarily students.

12) Those thunder thighs it carries around are football player thighs .

13) There are vegan and vegetarian football players .

14) One recent UA football player got three speeding tickets .

15) But her second brother and third brother were football players .


example sentences with football player

16) You were a football player two years ago.

17) A total of 171 injuries were reported by 92 football players .

18) This guy was built like a football player .

19) A former national football player coaches at a neighbourhood club.

20) It is crunch time for high school football players .

21) Maybe college football players do need a union.

22) The charges landed the celebrity football player in prison.

23) Enough with some football player & dogs .

24) Bowl games are when football players have fun .

25) This latest study involved a total of 67 football players .

26) Arizona needs football players , and fans.

27) She knows many famous football players , musicians and actors.

28) Did bear Bryant tackle a football player ?


How to use football player in a sentence

29) Ancient Greek football player balancing the ball.

30) As a result, football players were given military ranks.

31) Guests included French football players and more.

32) As mentioned, 76 football players under scholarship can vote.

33) Te ‘o is a football player .

34) Football players are a proud , stubborn bunch.

35) My ex-husband was a great football player .

36) The team produced four Division 1 College football players .

37) AmE usually uses ” football player “.

38) Real Madrid aims to football player for next season.

39) You see the football players line up.