fresh fruit in a sentence

fresh fruit in a sentence

1) Eat fresh fruit in moderate amounts instead.

2) Much better results are obtained using fresh fruits and vegetables.

3) Fresh fruit after lunch five days each week.


fresh fruit example sentences

4) Fresh fruit is the typical daily dessert.

5) I carry water and fresh fruit wherever possible.

6) Fresh fruit and vegetables are cellular materials.

7) In fact dried fruits typically contain more fiber than fresh fruits .

8) A fresh fruit salad is a lovely accompaniment.

9) One carton low fat yogurt plus 8 ounces fresh fruit salad.

10) My man servant brings me coffee and fresh fruit salad.

11) Fresh fruit salad topped with natural yogurt if desired.

12) Eat fresh fruits and vegetables in season.

13) Americans spend relatively little on fresh fruits and vegetables.

14) A limited amount of oranges are consumed as fresh fruit .

15) It was wonderful growing our own fresh fruits and veggies.


example sentences with fresh fruit

16) This successfully accomplished institutional advertising of fresh fruits and vegetables.

17) The produce is mostly sold to the domestic fresh fruit market.

18) Fresh fruits and vegetables should be carefully selected.

19) Fresh fruit and powdered sugar are also popular.

20) Fresh fruits are up over 7 percent.

21) No fresh fruit one morning at breakfast.

22) Like fresh fruits , dried fruits have very low sodium content.

23) Breakfast was again fresh fruit , followed by eggs.

24) Nice extras like fresh fruit every day are a bonus.

25) All kind of fresh fruits are a rich source of antioxidants.

26) Four to five pieces of any fresh fruit .

27) Lots of vendors with fresh fruits and vegetables.

28) Top with Michigan maple syrup or fresh fruit .


How to use fresh fruit in a sentence

29) Fresh fruit is available to pick in the orchard.

30) The morning began with coffee, fresh fruit and bacon rolls.

31) Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are also important.

32) Top with your favorite fresh fruit or fruit pie filling.

33) Top with colorful fresh fruit in a pleasing pattern.

34) Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

35) For dessert , serve fresh fruit that is in season.

36) Any fresh fruits or berries in their natural condition.

37) They were also the group least likely to eat fresh fruit .

38) Are you suggesting that we should avoid eating fresh fruit ?

39) I opted for a bowl of fresh fruit .

40) Fresh fruit and veggies and no juice .