generally in a sentence

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Modern Irish accordion players generally prefer the 2 row button accordion.

Modern Irish accordion players generally prefer the 2 row button accordion .

They generally stimulate and acclimatise your child to playing with other children.

Peak absorption generally occurs within an hour.

Files are generally more finely abrasive than rifflers.

A perianal abscess can generally be drained under local anesthesia.

This activity is generally viewed as an aberration or a distraction.

I generally agree with her.

I generally walk to school.

I generally have lunch there.

Fat people generally sweat a lot.

His opinion is generally correct.

Typhoons generally head for Japan.

We generally drink tea after a meal.

Women generally live longer than men.

A mouse generally lives less than a year.

Byron generally arrives at the office around 8:00
Her books generally explore lesbian themes.

Plants will generally bend towards the light.

He is generally at home in the evening.

It is generally believed that he was innocent.

He is generally believed to have been innocent.

Tightlyknit carpets are generally more valuable.

Those who keep early hours are generally healthy.

Malays generally bow slightly when greeting others.

Criminals generally do not single out police officers.

Wolves will generally attack the weak or old in a herd.

Find someone who generally avoids confrontations.

A female dog generally has around 4 offspring per litter.

Japanese women generally cover their mouth when laughing.

His books are generally categorized as historical fiction.

Cats generally arch their backs when they feel threatened.

Modern telescopes generally use mirrors rather than lenses.

Teenagers generally rebel against authority in our culture.

The modern family generally consists of two working parents.

We generally study about 15-20 new words in class each week.

In English grammar, the subject generally precedes the verb.

Oral contraceptives are generally more reliable than condoMs.
Children generally learn to print before they learn to write.

The Japanese are generally considered to be very industrious.

I do not like tea, so I generally drink coffee for breakfast.

The speed limit around schools and parks is generally 30 km/h.

The company generally opens about 10 new retail outlets a year.

The house is generally in good shape, apart from the leaky roof.

Sharks are generally aggressive only if threatened or disturbed.

The urbanization of Canada proceeded generally from east to west.

In the Middle Ages, art generally consisted of religious imagery.

Police uniforms in this country are generally dark blue in color.

As a joke, Gerry generally referred to his students as his victiMs.
generally, one should treat whiplash with massage or physiotherapy.

Children’s drawings don’t generally show much sense of perspective.

The period of mourning in my country generally lasts about 10 days.

Japanese companies generally provide their employees with uniforMs.
Plants and animals require more sunshine than is generally supposed.

A human baby generally utters its first word by the age of 18 months.

In China, guests are generally introduced to the oldest person first.

generally once round this river side area is the basic morning course.

On my way to school each day, I generally see many dogs and cats.

Beef is generally dyed red in order to make it more appetizing looking.

Jellyfish generally just drift along in the water, and don’t swim much.

People’s behavior is generally oriented to their culture and its rules.

Caring for children is generally considered to be a feminine attribute.

Boys generally reach sexual maturity at a slightly later age than girls.

Studies have shown that optimists generally live longer than pessimists.

Discussion question: Are you generally a patient person, or an impatient person?
Americans generally have an intake of about 400 grams of sugar per week.

Language courses are generally very demanding, and require regular study.

People in this country are generally expected to retire at the age of 65.

Learning a foreign language is generally a gradual but rewarding process.

generally, my priorities in life are first my family, and second my work.

Medical students generally have an overwhelming amount of homework to do.

Household finances are generally handled by the women in Burmese society.

It generally takes about a week to receive a new credit card in the mail.

Vocabulary is generally easier to understand if you look at it in context.

Spiders generally use their sting to paralyze their prey before eating it.

In China, guests are generally introduced to the most senior person first.

In the past, air pollution was generally considered to be an urban problem.

Given a choice between air and rail travel, travelers generally opt to fly.

Sex education in this country is generally introduced in elementary school.

Women are generally dominated by men in many countries throughout the world.

According to orthodox economic theory, prices generally increase with demand.

It is a natural phenomena which generally occurs about once every five years.

Black music in South Africa is generally based on traditional African themes.

After a divorce, it is generally the mother who gets custody of the children.

The office generally has about $100 on hand in petty cash for minor purchases.

Suburbs generally develop in areas where there is easy access to mass transit.

The object is that which in Japanese would generally be indicated with ni or o.

Women in Eritrea generally clothe themselves in colorful long, flowing dresses.

Despite the fact that he generally hates fish, he tried the sushi, and liked it.

One’s ability to perform complex tasks is generally disrupted by a lack of sleep.

In Barbados, the mother is generally responsible for all the child-rearing tasks.

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu once remarked that general notions are generally wrong.

You generally put on weight when your intake of food exceeds your output of energy.

generally speaking, college students have more free time than high school students.

The bandages used to wrap Egyptian mummies were generally about 250 yards in length.

In Muslim courts, the father generally gets custody of children following a divorce.

The percentages of alcohol for various beers generally range from about 4 to 6.

Crocuses are a little flower which generally appear in local gardens in April or May.

Humans are generally free of instincts and must rely on symbols to adapt and survive.

Her children are generally very courteous, and will undoubtedly be very well-behaved.

In modern society, men generally have primary responsibility for commodity production.

The lecturer spoke generally about American literature and specifically about Faulkner.

The people of Madagascar are extremely polite, and generally will not speak too loudly.

Constitutional conventions are generally unwritten rules based on custom and precedent.

On giftgiving occasions, people generally avoid giving money, but there are exceptions.

The heart of a healthy person generally beats at the rate of about 60 times per minute.

The busts of ancient Rome were generally carved in marble, often using a wax death mask.

The winners of a war are generally able to dictate the terms of surrender to the losers.

This city is generally a safe and friendly environment for foreign students to study in.

Newspaper will generally biodegrade quite quickly if shredded and thrown in the compost.

Changes in the American economy generally have a serious impact on the economy in Mexico.

The people of Madagascar are extremely courteous, and generally will not speak too loudly.

Max occasionally goes out with friends to a pub, but he generally prefers to stay at home.

Gold and platinum are the only two metals which are generally found in their native state.

The United States has generally been hostile to any suggestion of holding talks with Cuba.

Studies show that women generally convey their moods and sentiments more clearly than men.

People in this country generally give a tip of 10 to 15% for good service in a restaurant.

Although most islands in the ocean have been mapped, the ocean floor is generally unknown.

What’s different from Japan is that the doctors of Singapore generally all know each other.

It is generally believed that a trip to the moon will be made possible during this century.

Wolves generally kill animals that are the easiest to capture: young, old or diseased ones.

During a time of war, there is generally a shortage of oil, so gasoline is usually rationed.

Adult language students are generally visual learners, they like to see things written down.

Community colleges generally teach basic survival skills to immigrants in their ESL classes.

The heart rate of a healthy person is fairly constant, and does not generally fluctuate much.

Guerrilla tactics generally involve flexible attack operations and various terrorist methods.

The earliest cave paintings by man were generally depictions of hunting and fertility.

The images of cars and driving which we see in the media don’t generally promote safe driving.

A Scottish proverb remarks that the medicine that hurts the most is generally the best healer.

It is generally accepted that a person cannot be successful in life without a lot of hard work.

Discussion question: Do you generally consider yourself to be a conformist or a nonconformist? confront
Even though I generally disagree with his views, I have to admit that he may be right this time.

Well-conditioned athletes at rest generally have a heartbeat of about 40 to 50 beats per minute.

Airport security personnel generally find about six weapons a day in their search of passengers.

Air bags in cars are generally mounted in front of and beside the driver and front seat passenger.

Discussion question: Are you generally a casual person or a formal person, in your dress and your manners?
Lions generally kill their prey by biting them in the neck, and holding them until they suffocate.

It is generally agreed that poor indoor air can negatively affect employee health and productivity.

Many people living in the rural parts of the country own guns, which they generally use for hunting.

The soils of the African nation of Mali are generally poor, shallow and hard or sandy and infertile.

Lions will generally mate with as many females as possible in order to be sure to produce offspring.

In Paraguay, men are generally considered to be the supreme authority in their homes, and in public.

Discussion question: Who generally takes care of the family budget in your culture, the husband or the wife?
He is somewhat brisk on the phone, but it’s just that he generally works on a pretty tight deadline.

The magazine regularly publishes different detective serials, which generally run for about 3 months.

Asian students generally seem to be well ahead of students from this country in tests of mathematics.

There seem to be some qualitative differences between the way men and women generally reach decisions.

Cats are generally very territorial animals which will attack any other cats that come near their home.

Male killer whales generally live to a maximum of 50 years, while females may reach 70-80 years of age.

Discussion question: At what age do young people in your country generally become independent of their parents?
Interest rates fluctuate for these mutual funds on a daily basis, but they have been generally going up.

People coming into this country are generally asked the purpose of their visit by immigration officials.

A generally unfavorable climate for business enterprise has limited economic development in the country.

Sensationalist photos of car accidents and murder victims generally provoke both outrage and fascination.

In estimating the probability of an outcome in an experiment, one generally models a real-life situation.

The enormous amounts of information generally gathered in survey research is incomprehensible in raw form.

Young people are often influenced by their friends, but they generally learn most of their values at home.

generally, in our criminal justice system, severity of punishment depends on the seriousness of the crime.

North Americans generally stand close to one another only when they wish to say something fairly intimate.

Citizens of the United States generally feel a responsibility for the democratic society supported by them.

Someone told me that papaya is very good for the digestion, so babies can generally eat it without problem.

She is generally a very mild person, but if you start talking about politics, she can be very argumentative.

Animals generally need both concealment from their enemies and visibility towards potential mating partners.

Edward Halifax once advised that hope is generally a wrong guide, though it is very good company by the way.

A 1985 study done in the U.S. stated that women were generally more willing to hug than men.

Children are generally socialized in informal contexts, such as with the family, babysitters and peer groups.

The government continues to outlaw the sale of marijuana, but generally ignores the personal use of the drug.

In Serbian homes, the kitchen is generally for food preparation only, and meals are eaten in the dining room.

Discussion question: What do people in your country generally do to celebrate the New Year / a birthday / a marriage?
Marathon runners are generally quite lean-looking because they don’t want any extra muscle to weigh them down.

Sociologists suggest that rumors generally spread among people of equal status, friends, associates and peers.

When filling positions which come open from time to time, we generally give preference to internal applicants.

In Burma, couples generally date only when the girl has accepted the boy as a possible candidate for marriage.

Studies show that women generally look to marriage for security, while men seek intimacy and emotional support.

Women in Eritrea bear on average six children, but generally not all of their offspring survive into adulthood.

In Japan it’s generally thought that Germany’s water supply isn’t suitable for drinking, but this is a mistake.

Tolkien’s novel trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” is generally considered the father of modern fantasy literature.

The expansionism of the great empires throughout history has generally led to the destruction of local cultures.

The death penalty is widely used in China, generally for such crimes as rape, robbery with violence, and murder.

People living in the urban areas of the country generally have more liberal views than those in the countryside.

The art of the Roman Empire was generally commemorative and narrative, and was based not on myth, but on history.

People with disabilities generally receive special discounts at sight-seeing and entertainment venues in England.

In America ‘rebate’ is widely recognized, generally as an incentive where makers give back directly to consumers.

Shipments of hazardous waste are generally transported by trucks because they can easily access industrial sites.

People with disabilities generally get special discounts at sight-seeing and entertainment attractions in England.

Benjamin Disraeli once remarked that what we anticipate seldom occurs, but what we least expect generally happens.

We generally omit salt if it is in a recipe for something we are making because it’s usually not really necessary.

Individuals who participate in a psychology experiment generally have certain expectations about what will happen.

He is generally a really calm, quiet guy, but when he plays tennis, he is totally ruthless, and determined to win.

Government purchasing procedures in this country are generally of two types: a negotiated contract or an open bid.

There are three main patterns to family life in Guyana, and they correspond generally to class or ethnic groupings.

Discussion question: Men are generally more rational, and women are generally more emotional.

True or false? rattle
Displaying an open mouth is considered rude in Japan, which is why women generally cover their mouth when laughing.

Although 99% of Tunisians are Muslims, the people are generally considered to be tolerant of other religious faiths.

The absence of extremes of poverty or wealth in Uruguay gives the country’s people a generally middle-class outlook.

Celebrities generally receive so much fan mail that it is impossible to respond to each and every letter personally.

Benjamin Disraeli once suggested that what we anticipate seldom occurs, but what we least expected generally happens.

Changes in musical styles generally take place gradually, in complex ways, and at different times in different areas.

Five types of liquids are generally used in a car: gasoline, motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and wiper fluid.