good feeling in a sentence

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I slept drowsily with a good feeling for about hours, while rocked by the train.

It’s a good feeling, a humbling feeling but this season is not over.”

For them to incarcerate him and to sentence him is a good feeling, he said.

I always have a good feeling playing on clay and I’m into the second round.

It’s not a good feeling when you feel so tired and you can’t move very well.

Toni’s parents, Bob and Yvonne, had a good feeling when they first met Harold.

They put up ‘thank you’ banners and bring apple pie – it’s such a good feeling,” he says.

Craig said she felt a sense of relief, but it was a good feeling, like a sense of fulfillment.

905625 We had a nice rhythm and I was able to kind of keep the good feeling going,”” he said.”