government in a sentence

3. District Government cost overruns for construction are the norm, not the exception.

A cornerstone of the jumble is his view of government and what it should or should not do about civil rights.

After big street protests in 2012, the Hong Kong government shelved the plan.

After his government’s fall in June 2013, Necas admitted having an affair with Nagyova.

After the Damascus airport, it’s the most important functioning government-controlled airport in Syria.

All government budgets are being cut, and that means benefits are being cut.”

All of the books, materials and even the teachers come from the Chinese government.

All three of those officials are no longer in their government jobs.

A local representative of the Bangui government confirmed the incident.

Already, the Green EELV party jumped ship, announcing that it refuses to participate in a Valls government””.”

All women working in government are in great danger.”

A man carries a girl injured in a reported barrel-bomb attack by government forces June 3 in Aleppo.

And in this effort, government cannot play the only or even the primary role.

“And they each said their government was not interested in any further negotiation with Iran on this subject.

Angry crowds also besieged government offices in other western regions.

An interim government was tasked with preparing for a new constitution and parliamentary elections.

Antarctica is not a country: it has no government and no indigenous population.

Armed men seized the regional government administration building and parliament in Crimea.

Arthur argued that the views of civil society should be represented through government, labour or capital.

Ask your bosses why you can’t at least make as much as other Government employees.

As Syria’s war grinds on, there are signs that the British Government is softening its stance on the regime.

At the present time the government is hiding behind the decision of Canada Post Corporation.”

BES has said that it would seek a court injunction against the government.

Before the Mid-Autumn Festival last October, he got fewer phone calls from government officials asking for gifts.

Besides, Mr. Erdoğan established a parallel state in AK Saray to control every step of his former government.

Bokeria ridiculed the transcript as grotesque delirium”” and suggested the government had made it up.”

Buck said he decided his heart was in trying again to go to Washington and shrink the federal government.

But an article posted on the Cuban government-run website Cubadebate denied Menendez’s allegations.

But for the government in Berlin, transferring these powers to Brussels is out of the question.

But he has since softened his stance toward the new Kyiv government.

But it remains to be seen how workable such a hybrid government would be.

But I’m an expatriate and the Harper government won’t let expatriates participate in Canadian elections.”

But, renewables experts are undecided about the new plans from the government.

But many U.N. member states are upset over the Syrian government’s role in its four-year conflict.

But the rest of the government would be funded under a catchall spending bill known as an omnibus.

But the union adds the government did make some concessions.

But the White House appeared to put a higher priority on government funding.

But the federal government is also planning a type of mini-immigration law for people from the Balkans.

But Wasylciw says the N.W.T. government hasn’t talked about the Mackenzie line beyond its initial construction.

But, we still need leadership from our government, to achieve our full potential as an energy-superpower.

“Case management is predominantly government and MSF, who are doing a heroic and impressive job.

Civil rights advocates have long called on the federal government to expand the guidelines.

Clearly, the Chinese government was none too happy.

Consequently, the new pricing system is a government attempt to clean up corruption among doctors and hospitals.

Cylance has said it believes Iran’s government is behind the campaign, a claim Iran has vehemently denied.

Cosla, the organisation which represents 28 of Scotland’s 32 councils, wants talks with the government over this.

Does the challenge merely lie with the unpopular new government in Kyiv?

Democrats lost an effort to delete language applying government-wide abortion restrictions to the legislation.

Don’t let U.S. government read your e-mail You may have never heard of Lavabit and Silent Circle.

Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch says excessive government secrecy is undemocratic and unethical.

During the last weeks of 2001 the Argentine government defaulted on public debt totalling $132bn.

Equating an inquiry with inaction – really, that’s up to government.”

Eventually, they decided not to march until more was learned about the government’s actions.

Every time we asked for these, the government has said we were going on a fishing expedition,”” Scheff said.”

Fannie will have repaid its full government bailout of $116 billion after paying its fourth-quarter dividend.

Even in November, the government was forecasting an average oil price of about $65 a barrel this year.

Fatah was on it’s way to winning handily the elections for a united government if you looked at the poles.

Even the South African government congratulated Noah for hosting his first show on Monday night.

Finally the German government is showing some backbone!

Finally, the government is expected to reduce the overall number of temporary foreign workers it accepts.

Fears that cash would run out forced the government to close banks and impose strict withdrawal limits last week.

For Arts, the message was clear: This government doesn’t support my work anymore.”””

Forget, if you can, the heady excitement of the forthcoming government reshuffle.

For over a thousand years, Chinese emperors used the imperial exam system keju to select government officials.

Fortify Rights said the government was carrying out mass arrests of Rohingya.

Fortify Rights said the government was carrying out mass arrests”” of Rohingya.”

France presented its newest national government budget projections for 2015 on Monday in Paris.

Further, they showed that the government had lied to Congress and the public about the progress of the war.

Get the church to pay taxes and then you can have a say in government.

Government help was eventually offered and a feasibility study was conducted.

Government House Leader Michel Samson is promising to have another look at some of those amendments.

Government investigators never expected the Martoma case to go to trial.

Government investigators soon determined it was an organised attack planned by local militias.

Government is not like markets; there are no self-correcting mechanisms.

Government is too big for its breeches.

Government jobs are reserved for the three main ethnic groups.

Government jobs are still below prerecession levels.

Government lawyers declined to give interviews.

Government lawyers noted the unusual nature of intervening in a private dispute.

Hamas has rejected such conditions, but Abbas said he is in charge of the government program.

Government has said it will be reviewing the decision.

Greece has also been a key military backer of the Cyprus government in its decades-old standoff with Turkey.

He also heads the government’s crisis committee, the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO).

He first meeting with Willi Stoph, formally the head of East Germany’s government, came in 1970.

He has a PhD in government from Georgetown University.

He focused on transparency, and promised to provide more open access to government data for Islanders.

He put Vice President Biden in charge of improving the 47 government job-training programs.

He said it would be a crime”” if his government did not move to start lifting subsidies.”

He said Native Americans are still wards of the federal government.”””

He’s had a role in Iraq’s government since the U.S. military and its allies toppled Saddam in 2003.

He’s on the payroll of the Qatari government, he said.”

He would like to see the federal government help pay for such improvements, he said.

Hester’s legislation wouldn’t apply to rules or policies that only affect employees of a local government.

His announcement dashed hopes for a national unity government with his opponent, Ashraf Ghani.

His arrest shook the power-sharing government and prompted Sinn Fein to question police neutrality.

He was also an atheist and fierce government critic.

He wound up on an Indonesian island in 1980, where he was offered refuge by the Canadian government.

Hezbollah and Syrian government troops took control of areas near the border town of Assal al-Ward Thursday.

Hezbollah is also fighting alongside Syrian government forces and allied militia in the civil war.

However, it’s too soon to tell how the Malaysian government will implement the ban in practice, he says.

How much influence does the government have?

How big, I don’t think anyone will know for quite some time because government continues to make the rules.

I also promised that we would make government live within its means, just like the rest of us have to.

I can’t believe they went in and did that,”” he said of the couple who espoused anti-government views.”

How many more farmers need to commit suicide before the government steps in to find a solution to this problem?”

I do not expect anything from the Russian government,”” he said.”

If anything else, the government job is to protect safety and health of our citizens.”

“I am deeply moved by the actions of students to resist the government’s attempt at brainwashing.

If the government pays all, the prices will escalate out of control.

If they rise to another threat of default or government shutdown, the outlook could darken considerably.

If we withdraw, the government will then ignore us.”

If your home cost more then 200k and you purchased in 2008, you dont need SHIT from the Government.

I had heard she wasn’t really getting meetings with government officials after Khobragade.”

If the government comes down on dispensaries in Vancouver, that means many of them will have to close down.

If the government wants to send troops abroad, it first has to ask parliament for permission.

If the result is confirmed, Syriza would become the first anti-austerity party in government in Europe.

I just watch the government and report the facts.

I know the government is trying to do what it can to release the girls.”””

I mean, the government tells us that if we don’t have anything to hide, why worry about surveillance.

I’m not part of the government, Lizette, you know that,”” he says.”

I’m only after government officials.”

I just don’t think it’s an option that’s being seriously considered by the government,”” he said.”

I mean every government including the former New Democratic government looked at all of their options.

In a leader, the Sunday Times says the approach the government is taking is the right one.

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