grab in a sentence

Did you really need to grab for more publicity with the over-reaching Paper magazine covers?

Here is a screen grab of the classified ad at the centre of a fake apartment rental scheme in St. John’s.

He tries to make a sliding grab of Buster Posey’s sinking liner leading off the inning but it drops in front.

He was initially in the SUV–he apparently had time to grab his gun.

I laughed at the comment that the cops can’t be everywhere at night to grab these idiots.

It seems like a bit of a money grab for sure.”

Listen to your inner slacker on Tuesday and grab some beer instead.

Open rush events are a prime time to grab free food without necessarily making a long-term commitment.

People seem to like that they can run in, grab something and be back on the road in just a minute or two.”

She was able to grab the driver inside.

Some people are calling this a cash grab but Mayor Don Iveson says that isn’t true.

So, this new enforcement is purely a ‘quick cash grab’ opportunity.

The only thing that I could think of was grab her as hard as I can and pull her and then it didn’t work.”

There were also chaotic scenes in shops around the UK as people rushed to grab a bargain.

There’s a well-drilling boom in the Central Valley, and it’s a water grab as intense as any land grab before it.

The shop will soon be fleshed out with bread, grab-and-go prepared foods, and locally-sourced grocery items.

This is it — every visceral and feral scare will grab guests by the jugular.

We’ve also briefed you on where to grab a bite this year.

‘When it’s onshore the benefits are much easier to grab ahold of, and the risks are less.’

You can even grab a bar snack while you shop.

? Immigration reform is an unconstitutional power grab by a dictator.

“At the end, I just expected him to grab them because he kept getting them.

“Honestly, I don’t think we hold and grab like that,” Maxwell said.

“I tried to grab her as she was going by me and I missed.

“She’d grab ’em by the ear and lead them out, if she had to.”

“Tried to move it, see if I could grab a ball.

“You tell them stay off the ground and don’t hold and don’t grab.

6 photos: Dirtiest places on planes and in airports 5. Seatbelt buckle – Buckle up — then grab the hand sanitizer.

A screen grab from the Draft Kings fantasy sports web site.

A screen grab of Noah Bryson Mamet being questioned by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Add grab bars in creative ways in the bathroom.

After that, grab the employer match on your 401k if one is offered – it’s free money!

After, grab freshly made gelato at Dolcezza’s cavernous factory and catch an indie flick at the Angelika Pop-Up.

Aleksandr Dragovic had canceled out his own-goal with 13 minutes remaining only for Willian to grab a winner.

All you have to do is go to Gritman, grab a tag and return it with the list of school supplies.

Although they were able to grab one of his arms, Longworth was overcome by flames before he could be rescued.

And I was like ‘Oh, I can just grab my phone and reset my thermostat settings,’” Kitching said.

And in the back is a nice outdoor bar surrounded by brick walls where you can grab a craft cocktail.

And with that in mind, I grab another drink.

‘Anything just to grab their attention that we really care about them at our school,’ said principal Fran Etzel.

As a result, you’re likely to grab the display and adjust it.

As of this morning, only the white “mint” style is left; grab one (or five) while you can.

Ashley Krefting: “Sounds like a money grab to me.”

Bad guys grab and dash Because the winding uphill road isn’t the kind of route you’d walk, the bad guys are driving.

Bath began nervously and Sarries dominated the opening half to grab a commanding 25-3 lead by the break.

BE THERE: Grab a USA TODAY Sports Events ticket package for Super Bowl XLVIII while supplies last.

Big retailers like JCPenney do everything they can to grab business before the end of the year.

Blue Jays CF Kevin Pillar came charging in and made a diving grab on Alejandro De Aza’s liner in right center.

Bring the least boring person you know, grab a couple of coffees and dawdle around some cool old buildings.

But consumers should be careful not to just grab a toy because it’s on a top toy list, Parker cautioned.

But Democrats insisted the move was a “power grab” aimed at the only Democrat who holds an office in the Statehouse.

But I didn’t go in and grab him and ask, ‘What’s up?’

But it’s all he could grab before the fire engulfed his trailer home.

But NASCAR’s most popular driver will have to wait until next season to grab his elusive first Cup championship.

But take note: The need for a quick, grab-and-go snack does not necessitate a stop at a nearby drive-thru.

But you can grab some tasty food from a food truck downtown for lunch!

Byte of the Apple Will the iPhone Grab the Lead in Games?

Cano pulled back thinking Miller would grab it, step on second and throw to first.

Cat is able to grab a nearby shotgun and kill the shark.

Check to see where you can grab some today.

Click on the video player above to view this highlight-reel grab.

Companies want to grab this land and get rid of the peasants.”

Cote then came back to grab a second win in the 4×400 along with Chris Hale, Levine and Vince.

Cut it so short she has nothing to grab and yank.

Detectives were able to grab prints and DNA evidence, and will be carefully examining the surveillance video.

Earlier in May, a fan rushed Bieber on stage and attempted to grab him during a concert in the United Arab Emirates.

Enter suburb or postcode: « See all local sport Chance for historic win Ben McNamara takes a strong grab.

Fans of quality TV can grab the entire Twin Peaks series on Blu-ray, complete with some new “missing pieces” extras,.

Find out more about the Crotch Grab Challenge and ways to screen yourself for testicular cancer here.

For more sensation, reach back with your left hand and grab your left foot, pulling the heel towards the left glute.

Former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Mudd concurs, calling the move by Putin a “pretty serious power grab.”

Fortunately, an Institute for Justice lawsuit put a stop to an IRS licensing power grab in February.

Freshman Hyleck Foster’s first career TD grab, a 25-yarder, made it 17-0 midway through the second quarter.

Georgia Street isn’t the only spot to grab a quick bite at a food truck on your Friday lunch hour!

Grab a dictionary and look up the difference between “lie” and “mistake”.

Grab a friend or find a new jogging pal at or the Road Runners Club of America.

Grab A LOT of napkins because both dishes can get messy, but are totally worth it.

Grab an oversized button down and get ready to boogie!

Grab it in the middle with the glass facing out and give it everything you have, he told CNNMoney in an email.

Grab stars and rack up massive combos as you guide your paper plane through exciting 3D environments.

Grab the full schedule and more info over at

Grab them by the handful – one cup of raw strawberries fills 100% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake.

Grab your fishing rod and cast a line, these fishing and boating locations are perfect for the week that lies ahead.

Grab your juice, pull up your pants, and prepare to be entertained.

Grab your pole and head out to the nearest park!

Grab your walking shoes and get ready for a history lesson sprinkled with Bahamian bites along the way.

Green launched a 35-yard pass to Pitre for a one handed grab in double coverage on the Tigers 2-yard line.

He “would grab her by the hair until she answered” accusatory questions, according to her account to police.

He appeared to grab his hamstring, and Reid said that he received an IV, indicating that he might have been cramping.

He continued to grab women along the way, police said.

He finished with three receptions for 62 yards, including a diving 42-yard grab that led to – what else?

He has this willingness to grab the game by the scruff of the neck.

He manages to grab Carol’s gun and take Daryl’s crossbow at gunpoint and then escape off into the city.

He scored eight of Wisconsin’s first 10 points, helping them grab control they never lost.

He tried to grab me, he tried to just fight me still, said Holbrook’s former coworker Javier Cardenas.

He was about 30 yards from shore, he told WDSU, when he felt something grab his left leg.

Head to Bridgeport and grab a table at Nana Organic to find out.

Heinz plans to move its new, bigger bottles to eye level in supermarkets to grab buyers.

He’ll grab three sets of keys at a time from the dispatcher, running back and forth from sidewalk to lot.

HelloWorld has mastered the combination of marketing and gamification to grab buyers’ attention.

Hit the source links below to grab it for your device of choice.

How about we grab a coffee and talk about your dreams and goals.

Huertas, a 23-year-old rookie, used strategy to grab his first career victory.

I bet the man didn’t have much time to grab his phone if he was on fire.

I even miss waking up super early on Saturdays to go window shopping and grab brunch.

I go to grab it and he said, ‘Oh, no, Susie – you are good – you are a little top heavy,’ she said.

I grab a lager with my friend, Charles (if we’re going to pretend this is 2002, we may as well drink like it).

I kind of sort of missed my grab on the first flip, it kind of scared me, but then I got it after that.

I remembered my diet was officially over, and I practically ran to grab one.

I thought maybe she forgot something that she was gonna grab.

I walk down the street and people grab their bags or switch their bags from one side to the other.

I was upset I couldn’t grab my real camera, Lindstrom said.

If he can win Sunday, he can grab the points lead from Erica Enders-Stevens by six points.

If I’m having a bad day, I don’t have to run upstairs and grab a Diet Coke.

If she pulls away he reaches out to grab her hand again, to make sure she doesn’t get left behind!

If that sounds like the kind of head-rush you need, you can view the novel online, or grab it here as a 275MB download.

If you have a few extra bucks on hand, grab one of the truck’s aguas frescas-like our favorite, the cucumber mint.

If you hear a song you like, grab a sample and Amazon will tell you the artist and offer to sell you a copy.

If you’re already familiar with GnuCash on your computer, you might want to grab the GnuCash app.

If you’re in the kitchen, grab your heaviest frying pan.

I’m actually hoping someone tries to come grab my door handle because they won’t look pretty afterwards.

In May, a fan rushed Bieber on stage and attempted to grab him during a concert in the United Arab Emirates.

Instead of fuming and reaching for a water bottle, you grab your smartphone to see what went wrong.

Instead, Bobin had the nefarious frog grab an outrageous flintlock musket off the wall to keep his caper alive.

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