grandfather in a sentence

At that, Monsieur PP would disengage as grandfather would check his trousers for marks.

He has four sons and he is a grandfather to five.

He loved his country”” and took a lot of trips across Israel, the grandfather said.”

“Her fast recovery is a miracle from above,” Ms. Harper’s grandfather, Fred Harper, said at the time.

‘‘Her fast recovery is a miracle from above,” said Fred Harper, Rinelle’s grandfather.

If it was one of my little sisters or my grandfather that caught him, it may also have been a different story.

I conquer my fear by thinking of my grandfather stowing away in a barrel and, of course, I smile.

I decided to go for it,”” said Dreier, a retired owner of construction companies and grandfather of six.”

I MISS MY GRANDFATHER”” Obama has a deeply personal connection to veterans.”

It’s being sold by a pair of elderly sisters, whose grandfather purchased the painting in 1916.

I walk in the door and hug my grandfather.

Mr Salmond’s grandfather, a retired plumber, was himself a Liberal.”

“My brother Cliff had never seen my grandfather’s grave,” explained Ron, the oldest brother.

My grandfather and father both died of the disease, and you realize you’ve spent a lot of time on this path.

“My grandfather passed away over 20 years ago,” the president said.

My grandfather’s arm is broken and his neck is broken.”””

My grandfather grew up in Kingston, Jamaica.

My grandfather is a veteran of the military.

Officer spoke with subject and he informed officer he was just burning items for his grandfather.

One grandfather was a baronet, and both had been members of Parliament.

Richard’s grandfather Fount May, Sr. was an SNA board member and president of SNA in 1987.

Sergeant First Class Brian Hawthorne’s grandfather served under General Patton and General MacArthur.

The child was with his father and grandfather at the time of the incident.

The villagers who signed the petition Dec. 7 include Kunkun’s own grandfather, who acts as the boy’s guardian.

Tiger Woods referred to Sifford as a grandfather.

’ Plus, per the news release, his great-grandfather was Joa, the original live bear mascot in 1916.

“I’ve always been very interested in my husband’s heritage because his grandfather was from The Bahamas,” she said.

“My parents loved the Black Hills and wanted to move closer to my grandfather, who was living in Hill City,” she said.

A “grandfather” clause will continue to exempt some children.

A grandfather was a “raging” alcoholic, Scudo said.

A great quarterback, he was an even greater father to his three girls and grandfather to his three ‘grand snakes’.

A last-ditch effort, however, to save his disabled grandfather cost the boy his life.

After all that, her grandfather said Cassidy “had the presence of mind to remain quiet and to play dead.”

After losing both his grandfather and father to diabetes, Wilkins said he has made his health a priority.

All I said was, I lost my grandfather, now I lost my hockey career.

And in the middle, Liam’s brother Jonah tries to stay out of the fray and honor his grandfather’s memory on his own.

And then I thought, ‘My grandfather should gas himself after surviving a concentration camp?’

And they don’t come much more intellectual than Charles Darwin (1809-1882), the grandfather of evolution.

Anthony Bourdain speaks to Anderson about visiting Paraguay to learn more about his great great great grandfather.

Armstrong said Kim differed from his father and grandfather, who in past purges merely pushed people aside.

At that moment Grandfather walks into the room.

Authorities jailed the girl’s 58-year-old grandfather Monday on a preliminary charge of neglect of a dependent.

Before heading to her slalom run, Mancuso posted a tribute to her late grandfather on her Twitter account.

Beginning in 1932, her grandfather, George V, broadcast every year, up to and including his last Christmas in 1935.

Black: “He looks like my grandfather in a way.”

Born in northern Penang state, the captain and grandfather was an enthusiastic handyman and proud home cook.

Born into a family of 19 children, Kalibala was raised by her reverend grandfather after her father left the family.

Both now in their 30s, Kyle had been working in customer service, while Bryan worked for their grandfather on the farm.

But on Veterans Day, and every day, retired U.S. Navy Capt. Gary Foster remembers his grandfather.

By now Pingu has reached Grandfather’s house.

Diana Snow has her own collection of military kit from the grandfather she adored.

Doyle said the grandfather and grandson are both from Eugene.

Du Pont family patriarch Irenee du Pont is his great grandfather.

Elizabeth’s grandfather, George V, inherited the throne in 1910 after his elder brother died of pneumonia.

Eventually they arrive at Grandfather’s house.

Family was very important to Dane; he was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

Find out why she calls her writing a beautiful lie and what her grandfather has to do with her path toward storytelling.

Fisher is a 64-year-old computer technician and grandfather of four in Highland Park, Illinois.

Ford’s grandfather died when Ford was young and his own father was a deputy sheriff for York County Sheriff’s Office.

Gardner knew Roemer’s grandfather as “Uncle Ross”.

Garner, 43, was a father of six and a grandfather.

George Cleveland showed off the ballot boxes New Hampshire distributed for the 1892 election his grandfather won.

Gosnell also said that he personally knew the defendant, as well as the defendant’s father and grandfather.

Grandfather of Greg DuVall and Great Grandfather of Jordan DuVall living in Wyoming.

Grandfather says Destrehan teen apologizes for bragging..

Grandfather Tofeq became a fighter because he was seeking adventure.

Grandfather, Mother and a Toy Car Seller have minor roles.

He also attacked his grandfather with a fireplace poker in 1995 – an attack that left Thomas a convicted felon.

He also tells them the fate of Sandy’s grandfather.

He has two wives, nine children and is grandfather to sixteen.

He is not revered and not worshipped like his father and grandfather,” Jang said.

He really showed poise,” said Bruce Verrill, Heseltine’s grandfather.

He referred to snowmobile training and said it took place over a number of years and included a grandfather clause.

He told my grandfather yes, and he was proud of it.

He was a devoted husband, son, father, grandfather and friend.

He was also a foodie and a devoted grandfather to John’s daughter, Kai.

He was an excellent digger and the grandfather of Togget.

He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Bruce Alton Sprague.

He was survived by his wife, two daughters, his parents, and a grandfather.

He went home and asked his grandfather whether that was true, according to the magazine story.

He will be remembered as a loving son, father, brother and grandfather.

Her grandfather is the creator of the Shizu Group.

Her grandfather, with whom she had a very close relationship, died last week.

Her grandmother, Elvira Castillo, was Miss Atlantico 1953 (Colombia) and her grandfather is legendary tenor Gaston Vega.

Her grandmother, Elvira Castillo, was Miss Atlántico 1953 (Colombia) and her grandfather is legendary tenor Gastón Vega.

Her great-grandfather, William Costello was the lighthouse keeper and her grandmother was born in the lighthouse.

His father and grandfather were four-star admirals in the U.S. Navy.

His father had been an RAF pilot in World War Two; even his grandfather, then in his 60s, had flown combat missions.

His grandfather also died trying to save him.

His grandfather homesteaded the land in 1910, and his son Lucas now operates it.

His grandfather is said to have been a co-founder of the group’s military wing.

His grandfather Jim Walker bought the farm from Dr. Gardner in Greensboro.

His grandfather said he gained consciousness overnight but could not talk because he is intubated.

His grandfather suffered from stuttering, as did his father, and now Nonnenberg as well as his 18-year-old son.

His grandfather, Moses Dudley, loved books and devoted himself to acquiring and reading them.

His great-grandfather was an infantryman in World War I. His grandfather was a Navy soldier in World War II.

His maternal grandfather, Sir John Norton-Griffiths, also had been a Conservative member of Parliament.

His paternal grandfather came from a long line of Hungarian noblemen – the Sárközy’s.

His son, your grandfather, is known as the Enslaver.

I typed all of one summer at my grandfather’s insurance company, convinced I was going crazy.

If her grandfather’s remains are never identified, she does have some solace, thanks to Keese, the helicopter pilot.

In East Africa, Obama’s paternal grandfather was apparently one of those whose lives were transformed as a result.

In the movie, friends visiting their grandfather’s house are hunted by Leatherface, a chain-saw wielding killer.

It could have been hereditary: Dan’s father owned a bar in Detroit, and his grandfather owned car washes.

It doesn’t hit you until it hits your family, said Robert Weber, the boy’s grandfather.

It was his grandfather who started the mill, and the legacy and relationship to the town meant a lot to him.

It was my father’s name, and his grandfather’s name.

It would also grandfather in students with existing personal belief exemptions until their next vaccine checkpoint.

It’s the history of my grandfather and stuff and our parents’ parents who built a lot of this stuff, Smith said.

Jesse also read his great-grandfather’s autobiography.

Joseph Monkman, her great-great-grandfather, was involved in the signing of the Treaty 1 agreement in 1871.

Kabamaru is in his adolescence when his grandfather dies.

Kids, this is your father, and your grandfather.

Konowaloff says his great-grandfather, industrialist and aristocrat Ivan Morozov, bought “The Night Cafe” in 1908.

Liang said that Lien’s father and grandfather accumulated great wealth within a relatively short period.

Like grandfather, like grandson Robin van Persie’s granddad decided to try out his grandson’s trademark celebration.

Little, who returned to the lineup after attending her grandfather’s funeral, finished with 18 points.

Lucas named him after his father and grandfather.

Marianne, however, wouldn’t receive her grandfather’s letter until she was an adult.

Melissa Adams is one of eight grandchildren — she remembers adventures in her grandfather’s plane as a kid.

My dream is to actually walk the wire with my great-grandfather, he said.

My grandfather was in New York State and saw a beautiful Dutch style house located along the Hudson River.

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