growth potential in a sentence

growth potential in a sentence

1) We think the U.S. economy has that growth potential in it.

2) growth potential : This measures investors’ expectations of companies’ future growth potential.

3) This is healthy for the firm , underlining that it retain revenue growth potential despite becoming an established company.

4) Third is the use of superior strains of mushrooms or mushrooms that are selected for the highest growth potential .

5) Social security has an 8% growth potential so it is unlikely to be the first one i draw down.

6) This report compiled by lead authors Tushar Poddar and Eva Yi gives insight into “India’s Rising growth potential “.

7) With all the cash in hand, it makes more sense to buy a social media company–particularly one that shows traction and growth potential –at a premium.

8) Underlying growth potential .

9) That insight began to free Buffett from the Cigar Butts , i. e., dud companies that have no growth potential , only sellout potential.

10) Topics include both state-of-the-art technologies and other technologies with growth potential , such as: