had done in a sentence

He censured me for what I had done.

She reflected on what she had done.

I thanked him for what he had done.

Mother asked us why we had done that.

The change of air had done me much good.

After I had done my homework, I went to bed.

He ran away with the idea that I had done it.

He had done his homework when I called on him.

After he had done his homework, he watched TV.

After all we had done, he was still ungrateful.

It occurred to me that he had done it on purpose.

I was ashamed of what I had done to my benefactor.

Not a day passed by but he regretted what he had done.

When I returned home, my brother had done his homework.

I found the work easy, for I had done that kind of work before.

Later, the nurse told me she had done her best to make me well.

I felt better when I looked over my notes after the test and realized that I had done okay.

After dinner that evening, Edith showed us a portfolio of some political cartoons she had done.

I felt greatly reassured when I looked over my notes after the test, and realized that I had done okay.

He tried to convince his teacher he had done all the homework, but that somehow it had magically disappeared.

Because she so totally lacks self-confidence, I felt constrained to offer her encouragement, and tell her she had done a good job, even though I actually thought it was simply dreadful.

“When he first saw this clip of what he had done he burst into tears.

It was the biggest operation (Canada) had done since (the Korean War).

The video was to say he had done it for the “entire Muslim population.”

The company had done this with MP3 players, phablet phones, smartwatches.

Trudeau’s actions raised questions about what the NDP had done for its MPs.

Fry says if she had done more research, she would not have hired Vega Lines.

He was a ROC VIP full of praise for what Japan had done to its Taiwan colony.

Gilchrist told Go Public he had the right to be paid for the work he had done.

I thought for sure in my little courtroom in my mind that Kathy had done this.

But she was delighted the other judges found them as engaging as she had done.

During the shadow boxing, all the exercises we had done earlier came together.

YUKOS was rewarded with $50 bn in compensations for what Putin had done to him.

The state bar later investigated and said the attorneys had done nothing wrong.

Paul Johnson had done it in his first year, and at Sanford Stadium of all places.

The red carpet was not a stress for me as I had done it before with my first film.

President Castro also knew that things could not go on as they had done until now.

After Alfred left, Jeremy called the police to tell them what his brother had done.

Udwin said she had done everything she could to elicit a human response from Singh.

We thought we had done enough with the goal, but we let it slip and paid the price.

As she had done countless times before, Parlow Cone went up for a header in the air.

The duo had done this before in “Birdman,” but never in the unpredictable wilderness.

Cherniske told jurors Labrie, now 19, was boasting about what he had done, not lying.

I told her that I was pleased with what she had done for a number of reasons, he said.

318986 I couldn’t forget, even for a minute, that it was my country that had done this.

Belichick had done it once before, in 2013, but a hefty wind was involved against Denver.

263390 He always liked to say that anybody else would have done exactly what he had done.”

“Joe Martin has done something to his calf and Bradley Dack had done something to his knee.

“In an effort to hide what he had done, he cleaned the house and disposed of all he could..

A few months prior, it had done the same for banks to free up more of their money for lending.

Last year he said he did not feel he had done anything to merit an honour, only snooker titles.

The boy then told his mum what Strange had done to him when she questioned him two weeks later.

“I think what we will miss most is the good work he had done for other people or people in need.

329530 If they had done their job, Bryan and Graham wouldn’t have been shot June 9th,”” he said.”

335128 I had to face what my mom had done and find a way to forgive her,”” Kayla Gissendaner said.”

The probation officer complained they had done nothing to get the girls’ mother into drug treatment.

Theodora determines to free Michael just as he had done for her.

Fuchida spent the rest of his life telling others what God had done for him around the world.

The rumor most often heard was that he had done it out of spite for her rejection of his love.

Doc had done so in order that he himself could ride with paramedic Kim Zambrano following her return to work.

Moreover Thomson had done some acquisitions that were in line with boosting their revenues in the following years.

England’s openers again posted a century partnership, the first time an English opening pair had done so for over 35 years.

The murders in 1642 became known as the ” Shrule massacre”, but it seems that Lord Mayo had done his best to prevent them.

Guru Nanak used the money to buy food to feed the poor, and explained to his father that in doing so he had done a “True Deal.

Tae-Hwa, still in love with Jung-suh, finds out what Yoori had done, but saw the accident as a chance to run away with Jung-suh.

Auriemma defended the decision saying it was a school record and he would never had done it had Bascom not given him her blessing.

She corners him one dark, stormy night and hacks off his tongue so he can never twist a case to his benefit as he had done with the rape case.

Elaine, upset, tells him that she had given it to him to thank him for the dental work he had done on her, and they end up kissing passionately.

” Speedy Long, “just a Jena lawyer,” vowed to vote far more conservatively on policy issues than Gillis Long had done in his one term in Congress.

However, no one has realized what Piglet had done to help out with the plan, having Piglet feeling uncared for; Piglet sadly wanders away into a deep forest.

Rossi and his chief mechanic, Jeremy Burgess, insisted that they were doing nothing more than what many others had done before when faced with a dirty track.

He is even more sure of this when he hears that Edmund has been in Narnia before, by himself, and had not told the others what he had done or whom he had met.

Blackburn recalls: “Carol had done this experiment, and we stood, just in the lab, and I remember sort of standing there, and she had this — we call it a gel.

As he had done at ABC, he was keen to shake up the staid image of BBC drama and introduce new outlets for the kitchen sink drama and the ” Angry Young Men ” of the era.

Craddock insisted that the officer had done nothing wrong.

When she did recall what Jack had done he smothered her to death with a pillow.

In June 1862, Pierce made his second report to the government setting forth what he had done.

Black Zero’s body was then shattered by Jax-Ur, in recompense for what he had done to Krypton.

Changes in alphabet He had done few innovations in the Telugu alphabet to be print them easily.

She had done illustrations and production work for several magazines, working for Arthur Bernhard.

The legs become free as they swing through the front flare motion (Bboy Lilou the first who had done this move).

Once he had done so, Cristopher raised his sails and sped off before the Frenchman could raise the anchor again.

Fine (1994), p. 263 As Dušan was intended heir, he would govern Zeta, as Constantine and his predecessors had done.

When Tamalie came up to her, the woman jumped from the tree and so did her husband not knowing what his wife had done.

His pains left him as he concentrated his mind on the virtuous life he had led and the many acts of piety he had done.

The early Evangelical Church attached less importance to ecclesiastical ritual than the pre- Reformation Church had done.

She had done practically everything she wanted, she didn’t have any type of barrier or any type of fear that limited her”.

Though she had done more than any other woman to popularize the sport, the producers chose to portray her as the “villain”.

In Launceston, Slater’s father taught agriculture and science at high school, as he had done since graduating from college.

The Allies followed, but never attempted a southern flanking move to cut off the retreating troops as they had done in 1940.

Svanidze,” 177. Characteristically, Stalin’s reaction was to rage at the world exactly as he had done when his first wife died.

Badilino transforms into Vengeance and suffers a mental break, setting out to kill anyone who had done but the smallest of sins.

The pope, initially happy that the four bishops had signed, became angry when he was informed that they had done so with reservations.

Weinberg called the latter tour’s visiting of many third-world spots around the globe one of the most rewarding things the band had done.

He heard about the Night of the Long Knives of 30 June 1934 by wireless and said of it, “What would people have said if I had done such a thing?

He cried because a student, who was perfectly capable of understanding what he had done wrong, chose not to repent even after a public punishment.

Bonab remarked that his group had done extensive DNA testing on different language groups, including Indo-European and non Indo-European speakers, in Iran.

Reems was cast in the musical film Grease as Coach Calhoun, the Rydell High track coach (before making pornographic films, he had done legitimate theater ).

” Blair had to film scenes involving Carmella singing at Marco’s funeral, which she deemed “close to home” because she had done it at her grandmother’s funeral.

In Episode 6, Blake was forced to resign when the Nightingale operation falsely provided information to the media that Blake had done dodgy deals with the Mafia.

Kiszko refused to take part and repeatedly and persistently refused to “address his offending behaviour” on the grounds that he had done nothing that needed addressing.

She principally noted that Bachelet had been willing to listen to their demands and meet with the AFDD personally; something no previous concertación government had done.

Thus, ele tinha feito and ele havia feito (compound pluperfect “he had done”) are interchangeable, and, in fact, the later form is still used in BP, even if quite rarely.

Only when a large Jewish delegation from around the world, including the Israeli ambassador to Japan, showed up at his funeral did his neighbors find out what he had done.

However, Bede gives little concrete information about the work of Chad in Mercia, implying that in style and substance it was a continuation of what he had done in Northumbria.

This dynamic trio alerted the Nation, as no other group had done before, to the crisis facing the waterfowl resource as a result of drought, over-harvest and habitat destruction.

Lucky was also haunted by what he had done to Rick’s body.

Al Anders handled Sunday morning gospel, as he had done at WCKB.

He had done this on purpose, because he wanted to be purified once more.

Cameron had killed Frank and tried to make it look like Sharon had done it.

He is ordered to bring back her heart in a box to prove that he had done so.

Aoko reprimanded him by slapping him and explained to him that what he had done was unjust.

Maxwell and Lorie tried to break up Nikki and Victor, but Lorie felt ashamed of what she had done.

By 1915, a total of 175 students had received diplomas from the PIS – none had done so before 1901.

Barnard had done a survey of the political attitudes of sixth-formers and how they had formed them.

The new Governor-General was popular and got on with Australians far better than his predecessor had done.

In 1884 and 1885 Scottish side Queen’s Park reached the final, the first time a non-English side had done so.

The music video for “Little 15” was directed by Martyn Atkins, who had done previous design work for the band.

The young monarch was the last member of the Laskarid dynasty, which had done much to restore the Byzantine Empire.

Tuck said he thought voters would think his opponent had done this and he’d “get the sympathy vote” with this tactic.

Hovey had done the instrumental arrangements for 323 songs, and Redpath felt that no other musician could replace him.

As his predecessor had done, Killion generated another expansion, this time doubling the ranks to over four hundred members.

Uranus, dying, made a prophecy that Cronus’ own children would rebel against his rule, just as he had done to his own father.

As she had done in St James’s, she decorated the house in opulent style and hired liveried servants to wait on her customers.

Newman admitted that the approach to the FBI had been made but said that his followers had done it without his knowledge or consent.