health care in a sentence

Freda’s also works with many charities and organizations – including AboutFace , Sheena’s Place, Baker Health Centre health care and Ovarian Canada – hosting special wine and cheese nights from which they donate 10 per cent of the total sales.

My health care plan pays for 80% of dental treatments.

An aging population will require more spending on health care.

Funding for health care is a constant source of contention in Canadian politics.

health care in this province is inadequately funded, and waiting lists are growing.

Tanzania has made health care a top priority since gaining its independence in 1964.

health care in Moldova is paid for by the state, not by private insurance companies.

The Prime Minister made a commitment to increase health care spending if re-elected.

People living in Cuba receive free medical care under a national health care program.

Everyone is entitled to an income, an education, health care and protection from violence.

He is afraid of getting sick while travelling in a country which has inferior health care.

The Opposition leader’s speech highlighted the need for an increase in health care spending.

Health practitioners are calling on the government to increase funding for health care in our state.

The public is calling for the government to intervene in the month-long strike by health care workers.

Cuts to the health budget seem to contradict the governor’s promise to improve health care in our state.

Hong Kong has special medical clinics that specialize in the health care needs of children and teenagers.

President Bill Clinton worked hard to reform the health care system in the U.S. , but failed.

Critics suggest that a radical reform of our health care system is needed before costs spiral out of control.

Under the U.


‘s national health care system, foreign visitors are eligible for free emergency care.

health care is our government’s biggest public expense, accounting for more than one third of the province’s total budget.

The government’s recent injection of 50 million dollars into the health care budget will be used to purchase new medical equipment.

In Japan’s health care system was the best in the world, but since clinical internship was introduced in it has clearly deteriorated.

Doctors and other health care professionals are invited to participate in a forum on “End of Life Decisions” on Monday at the General Hospital.

The health care system in Belarus has been severely strained because of the increasing health problems caused by the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.

Our medical system, whereby citizens pay monthly premiums, and then receive largely free health care, is considered by many to be one of the best in the world.

A recent study shows that immigrants to the U.S. are not a drain on the health care system, and in fact consume several hundred dollars less in yearly health costs than the average native-born American.

That’s when we will move the needle on health, and health care costs.

Now consider what is needed for health care, in addition to the ride.

We’ve proposed a national Observatory for refugee mental health care.

In some states, affordable health care coverage is still out of reach.

Is fighting for the right to buy private health care a charitable act?

196774 Do we shift money from mental-health care or the prison system?

He had been making monthly payments to pay back the health care system.

Cernicka was a patient safety co-ordinator with Providence health care.

CNN Mobile Tools & Extras Would you travel to Thailand for health care?

He quickly became a leader in health care management in South Carolina.

The S&P 500 tried for gains as health care and consumer stocks advanced.

We need to think of health care as a continuum — it’s about the family.

View gallery NEWARK, N.J. (AP) – Donald Trump’s position on health care?

Democrats are proposing tax increases for transportation and health care.

MSF says patients are isolated and then supported by health care workers.

It is projected to rack up $344 billion in U.S. health care costs by 2018.

Another complication: The ever-unpopular IRS’ role in the health care law.

Have those reforms helped make health care more accessible and affordable?

And we need to demand that the federal parties take health care seriously.

health care costs rise pretty much every year, as does the Part B premium.

10866 Access to affordable health care shouldn’t depend on where you live.

What I’ve also said is we need to bring education and health care together.

Does Scott Walker want to spend his first term in a huge health care fight?

Many live in slums, often without running water, electricity or health care.

Planned Parenthood is the US’ largest women’s health care services provider.

They’re entitled to the same kind of health care you and I are entitled to.”

health care facilities and public health departments need to work as a team.

Black men seldom discuss mental illness and mistrust the health care system.

Otherwise, we could end up paying luxury car dollars for clunker health care.

Construction, health care and hospitality companies drove the May job growth.

666021 That lift is helping the market in general, except for health care.”””

Many incidents could trigger an urgent need for mental health care, she said.

39210 Alzheimer’s disease takes a toll on families and our health care system.

The Mercer report, “health care Reform Five Years in,” surveyed 600 companies.

Kimberly Leonard is a health care reporter for the News division at U.S. News.

In many other countries people have no health care and just die of starvation.

John McCain has failed, Trump said, citing delays in health care for veterans.

588155 Republicans say both provisions would hold down the cost of health care.

His health care law was proclaimed dead a half dozen times before he signed it.

By and large, women make most of the health care decisions in family households.

health care access remained largely the same for black and Asian adults in 2014.

We pay a fortune out of pocket for higher education and poor quality health care.

The energy and health care sectors were the only decliners of 10 S&P 500 sectors.

Lots of people wouldn’t mind having better access to more affordable health care.

As a result, health care consumers need to take care when they choose a hospital.

102051 Because when it comes to health care, I’m selfish – I think most of us are.

She would have to draw down more of her retirement savings to pay for health care.

They carried signs that read: “health care not warfare” and “Kunduz victims: RIP.”

How can you run for the Republican nomination and be for single payer health care?

Since she is in Canada illegally, she is no longer covered by Alberta health care.

Access to quality, essential health care is a serious contributing factor in that.

When we talk about health care system sustainability, we need to address inequities.

They pointed to the cost of health care and everyday expenses such as food and heat.

Unlike the marriage issue, Republican opposition to health care needs no qualifiers.

It also expanded health care coverage to all service workers on U.S. Google campuses.

The largest employer in 11 states was a health care or social assistance institution.

According to Sobey, health care personnel conducted a test of his ability to swallow.

The industry that had the largest number of IPOs was health care, followed by energy.

Hotels and restaurants added 41,000, while health care providers hired nearly 57,000.

Advances in health care are meaning more people living into their 80s, 90s and beyond.

He hit out at the “cynicism” of those who want to take health care away from millions.

State spending will increase, but mostly to cover paychecks, health care and pensions.

217074 “Every woman has the right to make decisions about her own body and health care.

Less income means less money to spend on health care, education or starting a business.

Affordable health care was, for many, life changing and in many cases even life saving.

The decision determined how hundreds of millions of Americans will receive health care.

“The family becomes health care workers so there’s been spread now to family,” he said.

They suggested this was due to differences in health care funding between the countries.

Several health care related stocks including GeneOne Life Science Inc continued to surge.

195335 Do not try and call your physician or health care provider,” Dracup said by email.

Medicare was never meant to cover all health care costs in retirement, the EBRI explained.

480631 Medicare is the federal insurance program that provides health care to the elderly.

The Gallup-Healthways report comes at a time of high uncertainty over the health care law.

A holding company owned by a South Florida doctor and health care executive gave $100,000.

The VA then works to provide the veterans with counseling, health care and other benefits.

640434 So this looks like a pretty good test of whether we can get markets in health care.

He said the province will continue to invest in health care, human services and education.

“Front line health care workers have increased by 2,600 – never mind the doctors increase.

On Friday, Obama was to fly to Phoenix to hold a roundtable event on veterans’ health care.

He got to sign his health care bill into law less than two months later, on March 23, 2010.

The fund would help pay for such things as health care, education and economic development.

I see a mental health care professional, and it’s not the kind of doctor you want to switch.

Companies would still get to deduct health care premiums for employees from the calculation.

658967 Teachers, health care workers and civil servants have not had a contract since April.

First of all, I think no one should be denied health care because of pre-existing conditions.

She will discuss various options available during the open enrollment period for health care.

The program offers small bridges to health care and it seems that there’s no end to the need.

You can’t do logins, credit card transactions, health care, really anything that is sensitive.

The GOP leaders talked about ways to create jobs, cut spending and repeal the health care law.

In a July survey, 14 percent said corruption, well behind the 38 percent who said health care.

Then we won’t be able to afford health care, the space program, foreign wars or anything else.

Psychosocial health care must be implemented at every cancer treatment facility in the nation.

Central to the council’s concerns are cuts in federal funding to the provinces for health care.

The company has spun off some businesses and shifted focus toward others including health care.