heavy rain in a sentence

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We had a heavy rain yesterday.

We had a heavy rain last night.

We had heavy rainfall last night.

There was a heavy rain last night.

A heavy rain prevented me from going.

The heavy rain kept us from going out.

The dam burst owing to the heavy rain.

They say we’re going to get heavy rain.

He went out in spite of the heavy rain.

We anticipate a heavy rainfall tomorrow.

Because of heavy rain my car broke down.

The heavy rain made a mess of the bonsai.

The heavy rains caused the river to flood.

The heavy rain prevented us from going out.

The heavy rain prevented me from going out.

I could not come because of the heavy rain.

The heavy rain kept the children in all day.

The game was canceled because of heavy rain.

After the heavy rain, there was a big flood.

The heavy rain was accompanied with thunder.

The heavy rain caused all the trains to stop.

The match was cancelled due to the heavy rain.

The heavy rain prevented them from going there.

The heavy rain prevented us from going fishing.

They always associated a heavy rain with flood.

The river overflowed because of the heavy rain.

Trains stopped in consequence of the heavy rain.

There were floods as a result of the heavy rain.

The heavy rain made them put off their departure.

The heavy rain brought the flood, causing damage.

We had flooding because of last week’s heavy rains.

The river swelled rapidly because of the heavy rain.

After the heavy rains, the river overflowed its banks.

Thanks to the heavy rain, vegetable prices rose sharply.

Due to the heavy rain we were soaked to the skin.

The baseball game was canceled because of the heavy rain.

Because of the heavy rain, we were obliged to stay there.

In spite of the heavy rain, he visited his friend in hospital.

She would go out in the heavy rain, though I tried to stop her.

The town water supply was seriously obstructed by heavy rainfalls.

Today’s TigersGiants baseball game was called off due to heavy rain.

You have to be very alert if you are driving at night in heavy rain.

A number of old dead trees toppled over in the high winds and heavy rain.

heavy rainfall in mountainous areas can erode large zones in a short time.

I had to take a taxi because the heavy rain caused all the trains to stop.

Bangladesh has a monsoon climate, characterized by a season of heavy rains.

Due to the heavy rains, the river overflowed and swamped a nearby campsite.

heavy rains in central Africa can bring about flooding along Mozambique’s rivers.

The heavy rainfall has caused vegetable prices to rise daily for the last two months.

In the Southern U.S. A.

, they often have floods after a heavy rainfall.

We had to change our route when we went hiking because part of the trail had been washed out by heavy rains.

The dark clouds, and heavy rain falling outside both seemed to add to the sinister atmosphere in the old mansion.

Autumn began with beautiful sunshine, but then it turned to heavy rain day after day in the latter part of the season.

It could move inland over South Florida and mostly bring heavy rain.

When the heavy rain storm hit, that’s where one horse was sheltered.

Hit by heavy rains, some of Pompeii’s walls have literally crumbled.

Even without tropical development, there is the potential for heavy rainfall.

This is a potentially heavy rain event for a large part of the state, he said.

heavy rain, however, will accompany the low regardless of development/intensity.

heavy rain led to flooding and mudslides across Southern California on Thursday.

As well as heavy rain, high winds have been making driving conditions dangerous.

Other areas will have to worry about heavy rain dumped by the slow moving front.

Most of the heavy rain will fall to the north and west of Columbia, South Carolina.

Forecasters predict more heavy rain Friday before conditions ease over the weekend.

The bridge collapsed Sunday amid heavy rains in a remote desert area of California.

heavy rains from an El Nino driven storm caused the 550-foot-long sinkhole to form.

Sitka, almost 600 miles southeast of Anchorage, sees heavy rain throughout the year.

The area is under a heavy rainfall warning and high tides will add to the flood risk.

Meanwhile, heavy rain pounded Houston and the towns between Dallas and Austin, Texas.

He always loved to tell the story of being baptized in a ditch after a heavy rainfall.

732087 The impact of the heavy rain was exacerbated by a nearby river, officials said.

As soon as the sun comes out, it starts melting, or we have a heavy rain, Goodwin said.

“That heavy rain the other day, it got a half in from coming into the back of my house.

The tornado whipped up as heavy rains pounded the city, with hail falling in some areas.

Mekkhala was downgraded Sunday, but was still packing winds up to 45 mph and heavy rains.

Northwest Georgia also continues to receive heavy rain, with flash flood warnings issued.

They said heavy rain within its 300-kilometre diameter could trigger floods and landslides.

463896 Locals gather near a flooded road after heavy rains in Copiapo city, March 25, 2015.

heavy rains are expected in portions of the Bahamas, Cuba and southern and central Florida.

El Nino typically leads to heavy rainfall on the U.S. Gulf Coast and western North America.

The Times, the Express and the Star lead on the warnings that more heavy rain is on the way.

The storm is forecast to continue dumping heavy rains across the Philippines until tomorrow.

So far, 13 people have been killed as a result of the unseasonably heavy rain in the states.

The heavy rain caused severe flooding and dangerous driving conditions across the metro area.

heavy rains, a side effect of Hurricane Patricia in Mexico, fell in many parts of the region.

The Missouri Department of Transportation temporarily closed Highway 165 amid the heavy rain.

Elsewhere, heavy rain soaked Atlanta Sunday afternoon, flooding some metro areas of the city.

heavy rains made the soil heavy and unstable, causing the pile to collapse with massive force.

heavy rain began to fall in the region on 18 December, swelling the Uruguay and Quarai rivers.

Trottier believes that due to the heavy rains, “the waters gathered naturally and it flooded.”

The drones had not been tested in extreme weather but worked well in fairly heavy rain, he said.

The rescue effort was hampered by strong winds and heavy rain off Jianli in China’s Hubei province.

New Brunswick weather warnings Central and southern Nova Scotia are under a heavy rainfall warning.

heavy rain in December caused flooding across New Brunswick, including in the community of Zealand.

Severe weather approaching the Midwest and Great Lakes region included snow, ice and heavy rainfall.

heavy rains caused the side of a towering hill to break loose suddenly and crash down on the village.

heavy rainfall also made roads impassable Saturday night across much of the Oklahoma City metro area.

January 4-5 heavy rain fell in Brazil on the 4th.

The fords would wash out if the area had a heavy rain.

On April 8, 2010; the mudslide triggered due to heavy rainfall cost at least 200 lives.

The heavy rainfall was expected to help relieve persistent drought conditions in some locations.

Siege ends Between 6 and 13 October the British siege operations continued, but were hampered by heavy rains.

The old railway bridge over the Aqiq Valley though was demolished in 2005 due to damage from heavy rain the year before.

The heavy rains caused dozens of smaller landslides throughout the country, particularly in Veracruz and Tabasco, but most of them caused no fatalities.

The windshear was produced by the front passing over the airport ; accompanied by intensive variation of wind parameters as well as by heavy rain on the runway itself.

He was once also drawn carrying a bundle of clothes and cookies under heavy rain and with water up to his waist in a time when Southern Brazil was suffering a heavy rain season.

Jugo is a warm humid wind and is important as it brings heavy rain.

Dean dropped heavy rainfall amounting to nearly inches (0 mm) in Monroe City.

Race 6 originally scheduled over 73 laps, but stopped early due to heavy rain.

On Kozushima, 788 residents were evacuated as heavy rain from the typhoon produced landslides.

No major damage was recorded on the island and the heavy rainfall, Associated Press (July 4, 1973).

Before Typhoon Pamela hit Guam, ten people died in a landslide in Truk (Chuuk) from its heavy rains.

Debris-clogged drains caused drainage facilities to exceed their capacities following the heavy rainfall.

2002 – Present *Spring 2005 – heavy rainfall deluged the Azores causing mudslides and flooding throughout the islands.

“Sağnak” Era In the last quarter of 2006, Ahmet Koç released his fifth album, the Sağnak (means heavy rain in Turkish).

The heavy rainfall, flooding, and mudslides caused by Hurricane Mitch also severely damaged El Salvador’s road network.

Because of heavy rains during the first two weeks of May 2009, water poured over the spillway for the first time since 1968.

Flooding Flash flooding caused by heavy rain falling in a short amount of time Flooding is a natural part of a river’s cycle.

Mexico Areas of northeastern Mexico saw heavy rains with the passage of Allen, with the highest totals exceeding inches (0 mm).