high-speed in a sentence

high-speed in a sentence

1) Only 4 high-speed melt spinning machines were installed.

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2) This unique automatic high-speed center drive lathe had many important uses.

3) A modern high-speed rail system has been planned.

high-speed example sentences

4) Several high-speed rail lines are under construction.

5) Other schemes included high-speed trains where none are needed or wanted.

6) All calculations done using pointer arithmetic for high-speed operation.

7) It features a high-speed train exceeding 300 kilometers per hour.

8) Increase high-speed broadband access across the nation.

9) National and international high-speed long distance services.

10) This is particularly important on high-speed routes.

11) Develop an indigenous high-speed rail equipment industry.

12) The major application has been for high-speed manufacturing.

13) The was best suited to high-speed running across flat terrain.

14) A fighter was designed primarily for high-speed flight.

15) Notable accidents involving high-speed trains include the following.


example sentences with high-speed

16) Then the high-speed mechanical switch is opened.

17) DSL achieves high-speed data connections on existing copper wires.

18) The latest financial theory plus high-speed and efficient computer processing.

19) It supports high-speed continuous shooting at 10 fps.

20) Route 52 does get significant high-speed traffic.

21) China’s high-speed rail system project is ambitious.

22) China’s high-speed rail construction projects are highly capital intensive.

23) The aircraft then supposedly made a high-speed descending turn.

24) We lost those 100 meters at a high-speed coast.

25) This offers high-speed modem users the chance to cut costs.

26) We recommend a high-speed connection for viewing.

27) This is shown below in a fascinating high-speed video.

28) Usually people keep main access points blocked from high-speed approach.


How to use high-speed in a sentence

29) More high-speed mayhem ensues after the bridge is destroyed.

30) Supporters argued that high-speed rail would boost future economic growth.

31) This will enhance interoperability should high-speed lines in different countries meet.

32) Missile launches were successful and hit static and high-speed maneuvering targets.

33) It discouraged drag racing and dangerous high-speed driving in residential areas.

34) This design also allowed for added protection against high-speed debris.

35) These ensure high-speed access to code or data.

36) Both high-speed cable and wireless connectivity are available throughout the library.

37) Rotary presses were used for high-speed work.

38) A high-speed ferry on the same route takes 35 minutes.

39) The air companies announced deficits due to the high-speed railroad.

40) An example of this phenomenon is high-speed rail.