high temperature in a sentence

high temperature in a sentence

1) The high temperatures last month broke historical records .

2) Higher temperature photographic and projection bulbs are different.

3) Higher temperatures mean more water lost to evaporation.

high temperature example sentences

4) The high temperature should destroy the eggs.

5) These plants usually require higher temperatures and more light.

6) The incident was blamed on high temperatures .

7) These are extremely attractive for ultra high temperature applications.

8) The main reason is the oxygen content under higher temperatures .

9) High temperatures and ripple currents shorten life.

10) The higher temperature causes less fission and decreases power.

11) One group ate food cooked at high temperatures .

12) Typically once October rolls round high temperature spikes are rare.

13) The highest temperatures normally occur during May.

14) For high temperature , bricks burn quickly.

15) The highest temperature was 31 degrees Celsius below zero .


example sentences with high temperature

16) The forecast high temperature March 8 is 38 degrees .

17) And 36 states set daily high temperature records Thursday.

18) And the higher temperatures are needed to kill off bacteria.

19) This high temperature is essential to their operation.

20) The only solution is conversion to high temperature water networks.

21) These high temperatures allow the lava to remain very fluid.

22) You can learn more about high temperature curing drying chamber here.

23) He also noted that high temperature kills off yeast.

24) My own roasting experience required very high temperatures as well.

25) The soil stays moist longer at a higher temperature .

26) It is usually caused by prolonged exposure to high temperatures .

27) There is no bleed for high temperatures .

28) They are hard and resistant to high temperatures .


How to use high temperature in a sentence

29) This reaction only occurs at high temperatures .

30) High temperatures lead to crashes in sponge cultures.

31) Desert glass requires extremely high temperatures to fuse sand into glass.

32) They were formed at high temperature but low pressure.

33) Higher temperatures cause a decrease in milk production.

34) Thus such areas have higher high temperatures and lower lows.

35) Individual populations may get used to permanently higher temperatures .

36) This renders the possible application to high temperature fuel cells.

37) The anode must be constructed of high temperature materials.

38) The climate is oceanic tropical with high temperatures and humidity.

39) Higher temperatures are problematic because different materials and techniques are needed.

40) They detected high temperatures as the fire cue.