honeycomb in a sentence

honeycomb in a sentence

1) Another type of composite core material commonly used is honeycomb .

2) Seven seriously lovely big chunks of milk chocolate covered honeycomb .

3) The honeycomb illusion was created using a shaped lens.

honeycomb example sentences

4) An earlier construction method was the honeycomb radiator.

5) A simple cubic lattice gives the cubic honeycomb .

6) A honeycomb shape for honey “drop” is also popular.

7) The ancillary spaces were made with paper tubes and honeycomb panels.

8) It is then stored in honeycomb cells.

9) Cars featured a honeycomb radiator grille, and long corner lights.

10) The back panel is a honeycomb mesh for unrestricted air flow .

11) He builds the honeycomb , and does pretty nearly everything.

12) There were green curtains, and honeycomb for breakfast.

13) Support for streaming video files on honeycomb +.

14) Hidden chambers engineered within the rotunda form a sophisticated honeycomb structure.

15) Electron diffraction patterns showed the expected honeycomb lattice.


example sentences with honeycomb

16) However there are many possible semiregular honeycombs in three dimensions.

17) Tessellations in three or more dimensions are called honeycombs .

18) It is sweeter than the honeycomb to our taste.

19) Honeycomb is the ONLY OS designed for tablets.

20) Stage 4 is end-stage lung disease with pulmonary fibrosis and honeycombing .

21) They make a honeycomb out of wax?

22) A honeycomb of caves pulsed inside the bone.

23) Fiver2 published his ” honeycomb ” slideshow.

24) The frames hold the beeswax honeycomb formed by the bees.

25) Many of the hillsides are honeycombed with old mine tunnels.

26) If cut along the equator, it appears as a honeycomb .

27) The bones are thin-walled and honeycombed with air spaces.

28) The concrete structure consists of 1.2 km of interlocking, honeycombed walls.


How to use honeycomb in a sentence

29) Description This is a modular honeycomb snap-together framing system .

30) Than the dripping of the honeycomb and any taste.

31) Pattern consistent with cylindrical bronchiectasis and honeycombing .

32) Chewing on honeycomb was an interesting experience.

33) It consists of honey-flavored corn cereal bits in a honeycomb shape.

34) The majority of the SERV airframe consisted of aluminum composite honeycomb .

35) The truth of your being is honeycombed into life ‘s intricacies.

36) In 1919, Abushady patented a removable, standardized aluminum honeycomb .

37) The cell structure is similar to a honeycomb structure except with rectangular cells.

38) The honeycomb provides a well-known example of tessellation in nature.

39) The fuselage was built primarily of aluminum honeycomb bonded together instead of riveted.