I really think in a sentence

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Have you ever considered going to art school? I really think you have a lot of talent.

Suzie says that her brother broke her doll on purpose, but I really think it was an accident.

Marly is taking $300 of his own money on his trip to Disneyland and Los Angeles – I really think that should suffice.

That’s where I really think we fall down in American law enforcement.

I really think he would be proud of me because he loved a storyteller.

I really think it just boils down to people as a nation pulling together.

I really think after the Atlanta series we’ll have a feel to see how well he’s doing.

I don’t want to tell him what I really think, because he’ll be hurt (which I do understand).

I really think if he was playing in L.A., I think he would’ve been a top-100 (national) recruit.

Given the gravity of the problem that is climate change, I really think we should be able to do this.

I really think Parker’s affluence is showing.