in essence example sentences

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“I think, in essence, the owners were concerned about unintended consequences,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said.

But, as noted, his candidacy is, in essence, a prisoner of our political system — or at least, of political discord.

David Cameron’s campaign message will, in essence, be: “See how far we’ve come.

Each therapeutic unit, in essence, will operate like its own little company.

He is, in essence, like every other inmate, Brauchler said.

ISIS is, in essence, trying to capture and channel the resentment of the Sunni street.

One KeyOn competitor says Snyder, in essence, is betting his company’s future on “winning the lottery.”

Or, in essence, twice recently Netanyahu called the world stupid.

So in essence, customers are paying more for using less.

That (U-2) flight plan, coupled with the FTI outage, in essence created a perfect storm, one official said.

That would, in essence, draw them into the building.

That, in essence, is core to the emerging Unify Movement.

The ACLU said the signs violate a sex offender’s right to free speech by in essence forcing them to speak.

Then again, there’s a good chance it will, in essence.

Therefore, EIGRP is in essence a distance-vector protocol.

They are, in essence, opportunistic infections taking advantage of weakened, vulnerable systems.

This means in essence, that we are controlled by the Democrats who spend, spend, spend with no outlook for reserve.

This in essence is the heart of Mindanao problem why it continues to fester like a wound that has turned cancerous.

“Love is in essence subversive,” he recognizes, but he is a reluctant dissident.

A piezoelectric transducer, in essence, is made simply by plating electrodes on to the piezoelectric material.

Arian taught that Jesus was sent to earth for the salvation of mankind but was not uncreated and not God in essence.

But I was actually so scared because in essence that was the first time I really walked in heels.

Design The Gewehr 88 is in essence a Mannlicher design, though it is sometimes (incorrectly) called a “Model 88 Mauser.”

Despite the numerous differences, it was still in essence a direct-injection version of the older Diesel Turbo engine.

Each deck must also have one Hero/Villain essence Card, along with a corresponding Level 1 character card.

Edna, in essence, tells Julia that it is time for her to grow up.

Great cultures are all alike: they are Indian in essence, he says.

Instead her feä departed from her body, and she entered the halls of Mandos : in essence she had died of free will.

It should be noted that the goals in this example are more sociopolitical in essence than scientifically linguistic.

McLynn p.239-40 Throughout the year, several points of the plan were altered, but it remained the same in essence.

Raster A raster data type is, in essence, any type of digital image represented in grids.

She develops uncanny abilities that make her stronger, and in essence, immortal.

So they’re, in essence, covering the full cost of the sales tax for you at the beginning.

The CSS Georgia, in essence, was a stationary, floating gun battery, with as many as 10 large guns.

The film’s defense of de Sade is in essence a defense of cinematic freedom.

The product is in essence a sugar syrup with a higher boiling point than water.

The same in essence, the Trinity indicates “the intelligent relation of God to man and the universe”.

The simplest way to solve these is just the Euler algorithm, which in essence is the linear addition described above.

The term means, in essence, that all sides in a democracy share a common commitment to its basic values.

They’ll simply retire early, in essence taking a forced cut in benefits, in the liberals’ view.

This, in essence, is the secret of the holiness and the true success of the saints.

Turf removal programs are in essence buying water, often at a high price.

Yet, he also noted that government is still in essence compulsion.

Zoc states that in essence humans work for personal gain whereas ants work for the benefit of the colony.