in good shape example sentences

He’s really in good shape.

I’m not in good shape now.

His business affairs are in good shape.

My father has been in good shape since his operation.

The house is generally in good shape, apart from the leaky roof.

The main priority of this government is to get the economy back in good shape.

These hiking boots are really tough.

I’ve gone up a lot of mountains in them, and they’re still in good shape.

Don’t make a rash decision about buying a used car, have it checked by a mechanic first to make sure that it is in good shape.

A healthy man who is good physical shape has about 12 to 15 percent body fat, and a woman in good shape has around 15 to 18 percent.

Tenants of the building must pay one month’s rent as a damage deposit, which will be refunded when they move out if the apartment is clean and in good shape.

Based on the latest build, Windows 10 looks to me to be in good shape.

902659 “We’d be in good shape if we had that (the 2007-08 value),” he said.

So it’s going to be trying for some guys but other guys seem to be in good shape.

She said he’s a good walker, in good shape and it’s unlike him not to get in touch.

They’re in good shape right now, I know they’re feeling good about it, and they should.

330118 If we all embraced winter with her good cheer and can-do attitude, we’d be in good shape.

Langer, who played all four rounds at St. Andrews last week, considers his game to be in good shape.

The Home Ranch closed operations in the early 1970s, but the remains of the ranch are in good shape.

BCA held a 6-1 lead after the fourth inning and appeared to be in good shape.
“All divisions continued to grow their businesses and are in good shape,” he said.
And these same attributes are just as important in keeping your investment strategy in good shape.
As mentioned above, Daniels’ versatility would seem to have him in good shape to get a spot, as well.
As far as he knew, he was in good shape, but intimations of mortality shadowed him, and he thought a lot about the next political generation.
An Alaska man who attempted to walk 50 miles between two villages at 35 below zero was found in good shape 4 miles from his goal by searchers called by his family.