intimidating in a sentence

It is very intimidating to speak in front of an audience, especially when you are doing it in a foreign language.

He has managed to rise up through the party hierarchy through lying, manipulating, threatening, bribing, and intimidating those around him.

Some of my Asian students find North American women quite assertive, and sometimes even a little intimidating.

His vast experience and his reputation are very intimidating to the newer players.

The guerrilla forces have succeeded in intimidating the village people into helping them.

With her great intellect and aggressive style, she is a very intimidating person.

Opposition critics have suggested that the government is intimidating people into voting for them through threats of violence.

It was intimidating to come back.”

The first time we ever got to swim together was very intimidating because she’s such a huge person,”” he says.”

The SPLC sued Cross for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and for intimidating African-Americans.

We love airport taxi driver signs Foreign airports can be intimidating places.

Admittedly, a newbie may find the vibe a little intimidating.

And the threats, which he could have carried out at any time, became more frequent and more intimidating.

Another friend of Garner says, “He’s a very big man, very intimidating, but he’s just a big teddy bear.

At his best he was arguably the most intimidating fast bowler of his era, but could also be erratic.

But applying for those grants was intimidating.

But the amount of space the site offers can be intimidating.

Even allowing for the intimidating effects of living in those unfree communities, these are depressing figures.

GAME(S) TO WATCH: Bowling Green: The schedule is far from intimidating.

He didn’t seem like a threatening or intimidating guy.

In any case, sovereignty opponents may choose to sit out the vote because of the intimidating atmosphere.

It certainly has an intimidating effect.

It’s not all intimidating for the first timer though.

It’s a little intimidating, but it’s actually a bit reassuring, he said.

It’s a shocking and intimidating display of police power, rarely seen in Hong Kong.

Jabba the Hutt looks soft yet intimidating in felt.

Lavigne sees her and shows her an intimidating disposition.

Russel said China’s reclamation activity had proved “intimidating and worrisome” to its neighbors.

She describes him as muscular, tall and intimidating.

She is popular because of her accessibility – conventionally attractive, but not intimidatingly beautiful.

So I found Jill’s ability to accept such a crushing blow both impressive and intimidating.

So why should someone brave the elements to join this intimidating trek?

The idea is that relatives are not suddenly confronted by the intimidating and sinister approach of the “spacemen”.

The Merced campus is less intimidating than bigger schools, she said, and makes it easier to enroll in classes.

The only way he can win is if he sends armed thugs to the polling station intimidating people into voting for him.

They can be intimidating and put people off.

They have also fanned pro-military and pro-police jingoism, intimidating critics.

This number is intimidating to many people.

Your real issue is his community, and yes, hanging out with a significant other’s friends can be intimidating.

As the president, she has a lot of power within the school and is often seen as an intimidating figure to overcome.